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Each month, the Center for Controllership™ Digest provides an easily digestible and regular stream of perspectives on the challenges facing controllers and those working in the controllership function. In each issue we share our latest thought leadership and details about upcoming Dbriefs webcasts and other relevant content to help you stay on top of the latest accounting, financial reporting, regulatory, and business developments.

July 2021


How predictive forecasting drives enhanced decision-making
Our series on finance discipline has outlined how organizations can effectively plan for the future with flexible, agile management disciplines. In the next part of our series, we show how organizations can hotwire traditional planning and forecasting processes by leveraging predictive analytics and data technology for data consolidation, planning, budgeting, and scenario assessment.
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Upcoming webcast: Assurance by design: Drawing up the control playbook for transformations
August 25 | 2:00 p.m. ET
Despite significant planning behind systems implementations and business transformations, many organizations struggle to embrace financial governance, creating significant new control gaps and weaknesses. Participants can hear about these common challenges and how assurance by design can lead to improved governance after transformation.

On-demand webcast: It’s time to move to modern accounting
In a time when the only thing that’s certain is uncertainty, it may seem like a safe bet to stick with the status quo, but traditional manual accounting processes are not sustainable. You don’t have to wait for things to normalize to move your accounting process forward. Join Deloitte and Blackline to hear why it’s time to move to modern accounting.
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On-demand webcast: Connected reporting: Adapting to a changing world
Hear about the risks associated with the traditionally manual and decentralized statutory reporting process and insights into connected reporting strategies that can help organizations mitigate risks, increase value, and better adapt to a changing world.
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On-demand webcast: Driving enterprise value: Establishing an adaptable finance data strategy
Participants can gain specific considerations for developing a finance data strategy in the midst of ERP-enabled finance transformation to help realize even greater benefits from the technology investment.
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On-demand webcast: Improving intercompany accounting through process and technology design
Deloitte welcomes BlackLine and SAP to discuss some common challenges affecting the intercompany accounting process, the value of intercompany technology use, and how inherent SAP and BlackLine functionality work together.
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Looking for an easier way to stay up to date on technology, regulatory, and industry trends that can impact controllership? Our Controllership Insights blog, featured every month in the Center for Controllership Digest, provides timely perspectives on the latest developments facing chief accounting officers, corporate controllers, and others in the controllership function. See the latest blog content below.

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