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Each month, the Center for Controllership™ Digest provides an easily digestible and regular stream of perspectives on the challenges facing controllers and those working in the controllership function. In each issue we share our latest thought leadership and details about upcoming Dbriefs webcasts and other relevant content to help you stay on top of the latest accounting, financial reporting, regulatory, and business developments.

February 2024

Exploring artificial intelligence in finance
As artificial intelligence (AI) technologies start to become more widespread across finance and controllership, there is a new frontier of opportunities with AI capabilities and tools that can help optimize the organization. Here are some considerations for finance and accounting on how to work with AI, manage risks, and enable a successful AI framework.
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Getting to ‘go-live’: Finance’s role in tech implementation readiness
February 22 | 2 p.m. ET
Participants will identify, through real-world examples and a panel of specialists, where finance leaders can lean in to drive quality outcomes and enduring benefits from their technology-enabled transformation.

California goes first: Responding to state-led ESG regulations
Participants will synthesize how companies are preparing to tackle state ESG bills from California and beyond.

Controllership year in review: A catalyst for progress in the new year
Participants will explore the technology innovations driving transformation and considerations to guide controllers on the digital journey in the year ahead.

Less carbon, more value: New finance-led model for sustainable future
Participants will distinguish the ways companies can drive greater value by treating carbon reduction as a business strategy.

A new frontier: Exploring artificial intelligence in finance
Participants will assess the key enablers of AI-driven transformation and listen to real-world examples from leaders navigating the growing finance and AI space.

Stepping up to the plate: Evolving to become a better business partner
Participants will examine the drivers of transformation and the benefits of redefining finance’s role to navigate change and influence business strategies.

Time for a revamp: Designing a framework for the future of controls
Participants will discover how executives are handling controls in a more strategic fashion and how to modernize and optimize a more purposeful controls program.

Taking control: Establishing effective controllership organization models to improve performance
Participants will assess different controllership operating models through real-world examples—and the attributes of an optimum operating model—that can help lead the future of controllership from a panel of invited guests and specialists.

Taking the reins: Finance’s role in technology-enabled transformation
Participants will discover where finance business leaders can lean in to drive quality outcomes and enduring benefits from their technology-enabled transformations through real-world examples from a panel of invited guests and specialists.

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