Regulatory Risk and Compliance Services

Mitigating regulatory and compliance risks

We can help you design, assess and transform the processes, controls, and infrastructure needed to mitigate the wide variety of specific regulatory and compliance risks your organization faces.​

How we can help

Through our deep industry knowledge and leading methodologies, we use proprietary tools and accelerators, including data management capabilities and simulation and modeling techniques to allow for a more proactive approach to managing risk and achieving regulatory compliance.

Our Services

We can assist you when:
  • Your organization is being examined, or recently completed a regulatory examination, and the results demonstrate a weakness or significant issues with a particular regulation or set of regulations
  • Regulators or Congress have decided to focus on specific regulatory topics
  • Your organization is seeking a deeper understanding of current, new, and/or amended regulations
  • Your organization is subject to new or changing regulations such as Dodd-Frank, Affordable Care Act, Investment Advisor Act, etc.

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Kevin McGovern

Kevin McGovern

Partner | Deloitte & Touche LLP

Kevin McGovern is a Deloitte & Touche LLP partner and managing partner for Deloitte in New England. He leads a team of over 2,500 professionals serving Deloitte’s diverse client base throughout the re... More