Claims Management Services

Get help to analyze the problem and execute an effective remediation plan

Even the most sophisticated organizations may find it difficult to initiate and manage the response to a major business disruption or significant claim due to the size, scope and complexity of the claim or event, the speed of response required and the resources, and costs necessary to respond in the appropriate time frame.

Business disruptions and claims

From time to time, a business may face a significant claim (or group of related claims) that has the potential to disrupt their normal business activity. Examples include mass tort litigation or claims arising from: product liability, data security and privacy breaches, bankruptcy, environmental incidents, natural disasters, or significant customer issues, such as product rebates and recalls.
When such a claim or event occurs, especially if it is complex and involves significant potential liability, an organization needs to take action at several levels, including:

  • Analyzing the magnitude and validity of the claim(s)
  • Assessing options for developing a remedy to the problem
  • Addressing related compliance, commercial and reputational risks
  • Demonstrating to stakeholders that an organized response is being implemented
  • Executing according to a carefully structured plan

How we can help

Our Claims Management Services team has worked on some of the nation’s largest and most complex claims management projects. We bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise, structured approaches and state-of-the-art technology to assist our clients in responding to large and rapidly-evolving claim situations. Our professionals have extensive experience in crisis management, incident response, project management, accounting and fund management and data and claims processing.

Examples include:

  • Mass tort litigation claims or class action arising from product liability
  • Data security and privacy breaches
  • Bankruptcy
  • Environmental incidents
  • Natural disasters
  • Significant customer issues, such as product rebates and recalls
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