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Take Note communications are designed to assist both in-house and outside counsel in how to lead, navigate, and disrupt to tackle today’s complex legal and business issues. These email communications from Deloitte’s Chief Legal Officer Program highlight topical issues.


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The chief legal officer's role in transition to the workplace

As the enterprise considers the decisions and risks related to workplace transition, the chief legal officer is uniquely positioned to play a key leadership role. In this article, we explore common challenges and potential responses to some of the most pressing transition issues CLOs face.

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In search of judgment: Corporate legal leadership: The chief legal officer's competing priorities

May 2020

Chief Legal Officers (CLOs) are increasingly expected to offer strategic advice and insight to the C-suite and board, and to meaningfully advise, CLOs must be seen as trusted collaborators. Earning trust at this level requires, first and foremost, the consistent exercise of good judgment.

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Tech Bytes part 4: Intelligent CLM systems

March 2020

In contract life cycle management (CLM), different stakeholders have different priorities. Business unit stakeholders typically want fast and efficient contract cycle times. Finance stakeholders usually look for governance around contract pricing and revenue. Legal stakeholders are concerned with legal risk management. How can you foster a virtuous cycle instead of competing priorities and meet the needs of all three at once? 

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Tech Bytes part 3: Cybersecurity for legal executives – Three ways chief legal officers can become more cyber-savvy

January 2020

Digital transformation is a top priority for many organizations but in the face of continually expanding potential for cyber-attack, companies must become more knowledgeable about the cyber threat environment. What are three things that chief legal officers can do now to become more cyber-savvy and bring the legal perspective to organization’s approach to cybersecurity?

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Chief legal officers and leadership

December 2019

Expectations of corporate legal departments continue to change. Technical legal expertise alone is no longer sufficient for chief legal officers to address resource constraints, demands for strategic advice to stakeholders across the enterprise, and the steady march of digital transformation. To be more effective leaders in this environment, chief legal officers and their leadership teams need to engage their legal teams in ways that elevate their contribution and value to the enterprise. But what leadership skills will help them do that, and how do legal leaders measure up?

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Analytics and artificial intelligence for chief legal officers: Five opportunities for cost-effective quick wins

September 2019

Solving the challenge of unstructured data has brought the legal industry to an inflection point. For the first time, many labor-intensive, repetitive legal department tasks can now be performed by computers instead of humans. Legal executives should be able to leverage analytics and AI to free up legal department resources so they can perform more value-added work.

How can you identify improvement opportunities that are achievable, affordable, and can help move your legal department in the right direction?

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Tech Bytes: Legal technology for chief legal officers

July 2019

To help chief legal officers (CLOs) explore technologies that can help them increase efficiency and align legal strategy with corporate strategy, our Tech Bytes series explores common pain points of legal departments, the benefits of automation, and how CLOs can determine which technologies are best for their organization.

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How to encourage ethical behavior

May 2019

Rashmi Airan was an ambitious lawyer, by many measures at the top of her game leading her own law firm, when she lost sight of her own high standards for corporate ethics. After pleading guilty to charges of general conspiracy, she was sent to federal prison and had time to reflect on how she got there. She shared her story with us, including what she learned about how to encourage ethical behavior as an organizational leader.

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The four faces of the chief legal officer

March 2019

The role of today’s chief legal officer (CLO) is complex, demanding much more than legal operations expertise. To be successful, a CLO must master and strike the right balance between “four faces”: Strategist, catalyst, guardian, and operator.

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The CLO’s role in managing corporate culture

January 2019

It seems almost every day a new corporate scandal is popping up in the headlines. Which is why having a strong culture is more critical than ever. But who in the organization is best positioned to lead the charge in driving a positive corporate culture? While it may not be the most obvious choice, chief legal officers could be in the best position to help lead corporate culture initiatives and manage any related reputational risks.

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Alternative fee arrangements for outside legal counsel

November 2018

In this article we explore alternative fee arrangements, focusing in on the critical elements essential to success. With insight from our own clients, we also discuss some tactical advice for implementing successful AFAs.

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Own your space: Leadership advice from a trailblazing chief legal officer

September 2018

In this edition, we feature Susan Blount, former executive vice president and general counsel for Prudential Financial, Inc., who shares her views on the critical elements of leadership success.

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Business chemistry for chief legal officers

July 2018

Working with people across a range of teams isn’t always an easy task. And as in-house lawyers are increasingly expected to work with individuals across their organizations, effectively navigating different working styles is more critical than ever. In this issue, learn how our Business Chemistry® framework can help you better understand your own working style and improve your work relationships.

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People-focused leadership: Developing strong talent as a chief legal officer

June 2018

The Deloitte Chief Legal Officer (CLO) Program has been working closely with CLOs to help them become successful legal executives and strategic members of the C-suite. We recently asked Cornell Boggs, senior advisor at BarkerGilmore and former general counsel of Toys "R" Us and Dow Corning, to share his thoughts on one of the most important skills CLOs should cultivate: people-focused leadership.

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