Social media research in investigations

A Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory flash survey

Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory recently conducted a survey* to better understand the extent to which businesses are using information from social media sites in their investigations. Explore survey results below to see how your company stacks up.

Social media research in investigations

Download our survey results infographic to explore how executives view social data and how they’re using it to support legal, personnel, and business investigations and decision-making.

Five questions about using social media data: An interview with Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory leadership

  • Question #1: Social media data is clearly used widely by companies of all sizes. How have you seen this evolve?
  • Question #2: Seventy-seven percent of surveyed executives considered information from traditional sources to be very valuable, compared to 51 percent for social media. Do you expect this gap between the two is likely to close?
  • Question #3: What do you think are the reasons why roughly seven out of 10 surveyed executives (69 percent) indicate their company does not use a software application to analyze social media information?
  • Question #4: In what types of investigations are businesses using social media and will that use grow?
  • Question #5: What are the leading social media sites for investigative purposes, and are they likely to remain dominant?

Download the POV for these answers and more.

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