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Tech Bytes part 3: Cybersecurity for legal executives

Three ways chief legal officers can become more cyber-savvy

As digital transformation efforts have grown companies’ cyber exposure, gaps have developed in their capabilities to meet resulting threats. Contributing on cybersecurity for legal executives means getting more knowledgeable, proactive, and involved. They can start by learning key cybersecurity considerations for corporate lawyers.

The consequences of digital transformation

But that’s not all. Organizations have been expanding their digital footprints, and thus their cyber exposure, for years within and outside their four walls, including, among others:

  • Customers
  • Trading partners
  • Mobile workforces

The reality today can be summed up in two words: Cyber everywhere.

The cyber disconnect developing

In the same 2019 Future of Cyber Survey, respondents noted that digital transformation is one of the most challenging aspects of cyber risk management.

However, they said that their organizations are allocating less than 10 percent of cyber budgets to these digital transformation efforts.

For chief legal officers, these gaps should be of significant concern, because they could quickly escalate into incidents with potential operational, financial, regulatory, or reputational consequences.

Cybersecurity considerations for corporate lawyers

In a cyber everywhere world, cyber risks are everywhere, too. Each connected device is the new perimeter, each with its own potential for intrusion, disruption, and harm to the organization.

Many legislative efforts around the world aim to protect data privacy and security. And that is just one facet of the rapidly changing global legal and regulatory environment involving cyber that has legal ramifications for organizations. How prepared is your legal department to understand and respond to these changes? A survey by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited and Oxford Economics indicates that 40 percent of legal departments don’t have full visibility into legal and compliance obligations across all lines of business and functions.

Chief legal officers can no longer take a reactive approach. Our latest Tech Bytes article offers three interrelated cybersecurity actions for legal executives who want to be more knowledgeable, proactive, and involved.

If it’s cyber everywhere, legal should be there, too

Chief legal officers and corporate legal departments are under growing pressure to elevate the strategic services they offer to the enterprise. With digital transformation as a top priority for many organizations and the scope of that transformation continually widening, doesn’t it make sense for the legal department to be not just up to speed, but also an active participant in the transformation?

Cybersecurity for legal executives is about becoming more knowledgeable about the cyber threat environment, being more proactive in wrapping your arms around the organization’s approach to cybersecurity, and being an active contributor to that program by bringing the legal perspective to strategic, tactical, and operational decisions.

cyber everywhere

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