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Achieving your business outcomes, whether a small-scale program or an enterprise-wide initiative, demands ever-smarter insights—delivered faster than ever before. Doing that in today's complex, connected world requires the ability to combine a high-performance blend of humans with machines, automation with intelligence, and business analytics with data science. Welcome to the Age of With, where Deloitte translates the science of analytics—through our services, solutions, and capabilities—into reality for your business.

Who we are

Many of the world’s leading businesses count on us to deliver powerful outcomes, not just insights, for their toughest challenges. Fast. Our analytics practice is built around the wide range of needs our clients bring to us. Data scientists, data architects, business and domain specialists who bring a wealth of business-specific knowledge, visualization and design specialists, and of course technology and application engineers. We deploy this deep talent all over the world, at scale.

  • We have a ventures fund to help us stay at the forefront of the latest developments and actively shape what’s next in analytics.
  • We have more than 2,000 data scientists around the world.
  • We have developed a global network of more than 80 delivery centers including the Deloitte Greenhouse® spaces and studios, to support client needs.
  • And we plug into a mature ecosystem of more than 300 relationships spanning science, technology, services, academia, and data providers.

Those are some of the reasons we’re widely recognized by analysts.

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Smarter insights, stronger outcomes with AI and analytics

What we do

Analytics is at its best when it is providing practical insights to inform your approach to the real business challenges you encounter every day-fast. These are the types of practical, powerful business applications that we make real for our clients.

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How we do it

In working with world leaders in business AI and analytics, including 90 percent of the Fortune 500, we identified four cornerstones of initiatives:

  • Industry-specific approach. Solutions that come tailored to industries and sectors are able to generate results more quickly than those that have to be reworked to fit your environment. Look for solutions that are already rooted in your issues. Click here for a portfolio of our industry solutions.
  • Data-powered at every level. Focus on creating an organization with the ability to use data — private, public, third-party, you name it — to inform every decision, every day. Learn about our end-to-end analytics platform.
  • Grounded in science. Today some of the most interesting and relevant work being done in analytics takes place in other disciplines, outside the confines of the business world. Companies must tap into that science to stay at the forefront. Check our AI & Analytics suite of offerings.
  • Technology-enabled. Big needs big. Your data and technologies are not waiting for you to catch up. Companies must modernize their platforms or tap into an ever-evolving ecosystem to harness the power of data to drive smarter, faster decisions. Read more about our analytics and information management capabilities.

Where to start

Vitamin D: Deloitte’s Analytics Blog

Explore topics and trends in analytics, AI, data science, and more. Featuring informed perspectives from Deloitte leaders and other luminaries, Vitamin D delivers bold, real-world strategies and inspiring success stories to help organizations gain the insight-driven advantage and achieve better outcomes.

Get your regular dose of AI & analytics insights here!

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