Deloitte Analytics

Want to seize the insight-driven advantage? Look to these services.

Whether you’re pursuing a far-reaching initiative or implementing smaller business analytics programs, we can help you achieve the insight-driven advantage. Here are some of the analytics services, solutions, and capabilities we use to help you get there–all delivered by data scientists and business analytics specialists already firmly grounded in your industry. This is where the science of analytics becomes a reality in your business.

Analytics strategy

What business results are truly attainable? What operating model will it take to achieve them? How do they match up with broader business goals and strategies? On both large and small analytics initiatives, start with strategy. Some of our strategy offerings include:

  • Insight-Driven Advantage Framework–A practical framework for achieving powerful business outcomes. It enables businesses to transition from information to insights to impact.
  • Deloitte Analytics labs–While analytics isn’t new, we’re experiencing a renaissance in the science, technology, and application of business analytics today. Which makes it hard to keep up. Many business leaders are now facing the dilemma of how best to quickly get up to speed on what analytics can actually deliver in practice. That’s where the Deloitte Analytics labs can help.

Smarter outcomes from data-powered insights video series: Deloitte’s Chief Analytics Officer on the advantage of insight

    Innovative science and insight design

    Leading in the future requires tapping into the latest analytics science today—no matter where it originates. Our approach is rooted in cross-discipline analytics science and cognitive technologies—propelled by business needs in key parts of the organization, from audit and tax to supply chain, workforce, and beyond.

    • Cognitive Advantage offerings can help you apply cutting-edge science to your business.
      • Robotics and Cognitive Automation–Use machines to replicate human actions and judgement through robotics and cognitive technologies.
      • Cognitive Engagement–Provide contextual and timely insights to end users, using “intelligent agents”.
      • Cognitive Insights–Amplify organizational intelligence by delivering deep, actionable, real-time insights through pattern detection and the ability to analyze billions of data sources.
    Our experience has shown that these areas are best for gaining traction and showing results fast.

    Industry solutions

    Want to deliver business outcomes faster? Start with analytics solutions that are already tailored to your industry, or to specific business challenges. Working with us, you’ll have access to a host of industry-ready solutions–and we’re developing more every day. Click here for a portfolio of our industry solutions.

    Outcome-driven operations

    What if you bought services based on the outcomes they deliver, rather than for the underlying machinery that makes them work? For starters, you would be able to focus more on what matters: results. That’s where “as-a-service” capabilities shine. It’s also where our ClearLight analytics platform can make a big difference. Here are some ways we can help.

    • Insights-as-a-Service–Cost-effective, customizable delivery model to deliver analytics-driven insights anywhere, on demand. In the cloud or on premise, supported by a small team of specialized analytics talent or a small army of professionals ready to swarm on cross-enterprise initiatives, its flexible, scalable, and tailored to meet business-specific needs.
    • Platform-as-a-Service–A preconfigured, pre-licensed technology environment, accelerating the ability to deliver actionable information to the entire organization. The Cloud-based platform delivers turnkey solutions in a matter of weeks, teeing up data from multiple sources in a secure, continuously monitored environment.
    • Data-as-a-Service–Access curated, proprietary data sets to supplement gaps in the data environment. Our Data Store is compiled, aggregated, and powered by a cognitive engine.

    Deloitte helps enterprises transform their business with Digital Core and Analytics powered by SAP HANA® on AWS
    Deloitte announced a collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help clients accelerate their ability to achieve digital transformation and powerful insights-based outcomes with SAP S/4HANA, SAP BW/4HANA®, and the SAP HANA® platform. As part of the joint effort, Deloitte is expanding its cloud capabilities by forming an AWS cloud practice with 2,500 practitioners globally.