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The value of stewardship in business

Putting your customers and clients first

​How can the financial system be a more positive contributor to social goals? According to John Taft, CEO, author, and great-grandson of 27ᵗʰ US President William Howard Taft, it starts with stewardship—putting the client's interest first.

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Championing stewardship in business

In a family tree that includes an attorney general, a Supreme Court justice and US President, and two US senators, John Taft is the first member of the Taft family to land on Wall Street. In this episode of Resilient, John talks about combining his family's dedication to public service with his interest in finance.

John is a champion of stewardship—something that, in his opinion, we need to see more of—in order to do right by the client. John also discusses the core principles of stewardship; the transition in financial services to an advisory model; and the importance of finding the solid ground that you, as a person, stand on.

If you can find what truly matters to you—what you care about, what your bottom line is, what your non-negotiables are—and stand on that, you then have the ability to act effectively in a time of crisis.

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