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Raising the bar in cybersecurity

Resiliency through crisis planning

Cyber incident preparedness in today’s business landscape requires much more than setting up a front line of defense and securing assets. Lori Havlovitz, CISO at Cardinal Health, shares the importance of staying ahead of potential risks and how organizations can be ready for the next crisis.

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Preparing for the unknown

In today’s cyber landscape, it’s not if, but when, a crisis will occur. So what does it take to boost an organization’s cyber resilience?

In this episode of the Resilient podcast, Lori Havlovitz discusses resiliency through crisis preparedness. A firm believer in the need to always be ready, Lori shares the role tabletop exercises, wargaming, and crisis playbooks can play in strengthening an organization’s response to real-time crises.

With our role in health care and the impact on patients, we have to be up 100 percent. If and when something happens, unless you practice it, it’s going to be really hard. Having [the] mindset that we always need to be ready—and [that] we need to practice and flex that muscle on a pretty consistent basis—is something that is always top of mind to me and something that we're building into our processes.

And Lori is determined to continue to raise the bar in cybersecurity. From threat monitoring to data analytics to automation, her expanding organization has rallied around a unified vision. But to really level up their game, her team has begun integrating further into the business, and it’s been a game changer. Partnering with business leaders on cyber priorities and responsibilities, Lori says, has enabled them to better protect key assets.

With 20 years at Cardinal Health, Lori takes her role very seriously, standing behind the bigger mission of the business—which became personal as she underwent treatment for cancer. As a survivor, she’s honored to have the opportunity to both protect the company she loves and contribute toward making the health care industry more resilient and secure.

Think big, try everything, take advantage of opportunities—Lori attributes the success of her career to this mentality. And in an industry that’s predominantly male, she encourages other women to not hold back—even if they don’t check all the boxes. Leading with a "work hard and play hard" attitude, Lori keeps her team focused on being a patient-first, trusted health care provider while also encouraging them to pay attention to their own well-being.

Interview recorded prior to COVID-19

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