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The evolving role of the CISO

Ethical technology to build and maintain trust

As technology continues to disrupt business processes, organizations are presented with the opportunity to gain—or lose—the trust of customers and stakeholders. Betsy Wille, CISO at Abbott, discusses the growing responsibilities of the CISO and why a consumer-first approach to technology implementations is critical to an organization’s reputation.

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From technologist to business leader

The role of the CISO has changed dramatically. Once seen primarily as technical experts, CISOs eventually assumed the responsibility of educating the organization on cyber and the threats that come along with it. Today, the CISO has evolved into a business leader, protecting and supporting the mission of the business. And it’s a huge responsibility when the health of your patients—and your brand—are on the line.

In this episode of the Resilient podcast, Betsy Wille explores how she is supporting Abbott’s mission and why ethical technology and trust should be taken very seriously. With the increasing amount of data consumers are entrusting upon organizations comes the expectation to keep that data safe and secure. That’s why it’s critical, Betsy points out, to keep patients at the center of privacy discussions.

At Abbott, we look at the ability for devices to really help people live healthier lives, understand their conditions, and have better health outcomes. But it’s also about ensuring that we create resiliency for all of those devices to ensure that they can't be used for harm [because they] come with a lot of data that is critically important to protect.

This patient-first mindset is at the core of Abbott’s values and drives every cyber decision Betsy makes. She stresses that there is a lot of power in technology, but that it must be deployed in an ethical manner to maintain customer trust.

As someone who’s run 14 marathons, Betsy understands the importance of persistence. And her "get after it" mentality has served her well throughout her career as she explored various paths—from journalism to finance and now health care. In a role she never initially aspired to, Betsy shares the impact a supportive network and mentorship had on her career.

Now in a position to influence others' journeys, Betsy takes great pride in leading with intention. Integrity and empathy, she says, are front and center. Betsy also strives to be an authentic and genuine leader, encouraging others to recognize the impact they can have by simply being "uniquely you."

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