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What is the future of trust if we don’t trust each other?

Martha Minow on building trust as a leader in a skeptical society

In our latest leadership development podcast, Martha Minow, Harvard Law School professor, former dean, litigator, and board director shares the parallels between trust issues in our society and what we face as professionals. Her take on the future of trust? Building and maintaining trust can only be accomplished with empathy and relationships.

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What does it take for leaders to build trust? It starts with defining it.

What is trust? Martha brings a wealth of experiences to our conversation from shaping legal minds to working with leaders in other countries to help advance policies where trust was desperately needed.


…trust is fundamentally belief in the reliability or truth of a person or a thing or an institution…. I think that, really, it’s reliability in delivering what it promises, or what the person promises, but also preventing betrayals—intentional or unintentional.


Don Fancher: Welcome to Resilient. I’m Don Fancher, the Global Leader for Deloitte’s Forensic Practice and I get to be the host for this Resilient podcast series on the Future of Trust.

And in this series, we are talking to leaders like you who are on the front line of building, maintaining, and even, in some cases, defending trust in their organizations. We’ll continue to explore what it means for leaders and institutions to strike the balance of transparency and mutual benefit of stakeholders, and how that influences actions that leaders can take to build trust.

In today’s episode, I’m joined by a legal leader with an incredible story to tell. Martha Minow is a Harvard Law School professor--the former dean of Harvard Law School. She’s been a CEO, a litigator, she's served on a board directors, and she's also been a UN Commission chair. And for over 40 years Martha has been shaping legal minds, advancing the profession, influencing legislation, and she has even worked with country leaders to help advance policies and conflict resolution where trust was desperately needed

Martha Minow: You know, trust is fundamentally belief in the reliability or truth of a person or a thing or an institution….I think that really its reliability in delivering what it promises, or what the person promises but also preventing betrayals-- intentional or unintentional.

Don Fancher: uring our conversation we’re going to also hear more about her new book, Saving the News, which digs deep into how the government, social media, and technology are the shaping media in the United States. We are going to discussed the kinds of initiatives needed if the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of the press continues to hold meaning in the twenty-first century.

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Until next time, stay safe and remain resilient.

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