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Mike Indursky: Resilient podcast

Breaking the right rules

Maximize your impact or maximize your profit? It shouldn’t have to be a mutually exclusive decision. In this episode, Mike Indursky, former CMO of Burt’s Bees and president of Bliss World, discusses the importance of products that make a difference for people and the planet—and knowing when to take some risks and break some rules to make that happen.

Mike Indursky, former CMO of Burt’s Bees and President of Bliss World, on breaking the right rules

​Five hundred billions dollars. That’s the size of the skin care and beauty industry in the US alone. In this increasingly competitive and disruptive marketplace, how can both new and established companies differentiate themselves? 

Mike Indursky, the former CMO of Burt’s Bees and president of Bliss World (two disruptors in the industry), discusses the importance of breaking the right rules to remain relevant. What are the “right” rules? The ones that are based on thinking or assumptions that are flawed—and that demand to be challenged, bent, or broken.

Mike also talks about the importance of maximizing benefits to people and the planet, while still maximizing profits. Finally, he shares his passion for well-being—and how you can get closer to having it all by “halving” it all.

If you’re not ruffling some feathers, you’re not making a difference. If you’re not making a difference, you’re not being different.

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