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Beth Comstock: Resilient podcast

The executive of the future

​It's a time of "digital reckoning." Beth Comstock, former vice chair at GE, discusses how leaders must adapt to embrace this shift to digitization, digitizing not only what they work with but how they work.

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Continuing her conversation on living in the in-between

Beth Comstock shares her perspectives on how leaders can successfully balance digitization with the physical experiences that consumers are still demanding

So what will the executive—especially the CMO—of the future look like? Future leaders will put data at the forefront and own the entire customer journey, both the digital and physical.

Beth also explains her "10 percent rule," where 10 percent of your time at work is allocated to discovery. And she shares tips for being an authentic influencer on social media.

If there's one thing I feel like I have learned in my career … everyone has to make room to discover what's new and what's next before it hits you in the face or disrupts your business.


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