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Industrial control systems cybersecurity

Detecting cyber risk and cyber attacks in an IoT world

How does cyber risk impact industrial control systems as well as all the other connected systems in an Internet of Things (IoT) world? And which organizations are likely to feel the impact? Rob Lee outlines the threats, discusses how leaders can respond, and stresses the need for speed.

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The real risk of IoT cyber attacks

The push to get more data in an IoT world has created new cyber risks. And organizations that depend on operational technology—across complex and interconnected systems, devices, and processes—must act fast to get ahead of increasing threats. According to Rob, that includes almost every organization, from pharmaceutical and device developers to manufacturers and food and beverage companies. It also includes energy and resources providers across nuclear, water, oil, gas, public utilities, and alternative energy.

What effectively happened in 2015 in Ukraine is the adversaries broke into those environments, stayed there for six-plus months learning the systems and then they just used native functionality in the systems to turn off the power.

In this episode, Rob discusses the gravity of industrial IoT and industrial control system attacks from a safety and security perspective. He also outlines an intelligence-driven approach that can help leaders learn from past attacks to prepare for potential future strikes.

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