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The movement to purpose

How much influence does your mindset have on how you approach and handle risk, crisis, or disruption? Can choosing to cultivate a different mindset create a sense of power and purpose? In this episode, Dr. Dan Diamond, author of "Beyond Resilience," shares his front-line perspective from over three decades of coordinating relief efforts for some of the most devastating natural disasters around the world.

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Dr. Dan Diamond, author of Beyond Resilience, on the movement to purpose

Whether during a time of crisis or in everyday life, a person’s mindset can have a significant impact on a given situation or issue. A scarcity mindset, for example, can create silos within an organization as individuals or groups look out for their own interests. But an abundance mindset—believing that there are enough resources and success to go around—can encourage a team to reach out and find improvements among groups.

Dr. Dan Diamond, author of Beyond Resilience, TEDx Rainier speaker, family physician, award-winning educator, and principal of NogginStorm LLC, joins Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory’s Mike Kearney to discuss the importance of mindset in transitioning from being victim-centric to hero-centric, how to do great work even when resources are scarce, and the benefits of practicing gratitude.

The world’s changing. I always have the right to choose how I’m going to respond. It’s not about me. I will do anything I can to make the other people successful around me.

Diamond is also a recipient of the president’s Volunteer Service Award, the American Red Cross “Real Hero” award, and the Washington State Governor’s Award of Excellence. You can hear more from him on or by following him on TwitterLinkedIn, or Facebook.

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