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Ned Segal: Resilient podcast

Embracing and embodying purpose

How can you preserve and enhance your company’s brand and reputation? According to Twitter CFO Ned Segal, it’s all about open communication, self-reflection, and letting the company’s purpose drive every action and decision.

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Make your purpose clear

For Ned, the purpose is the north star—the guiding force behind effective brand communication and reputation risk management. In his role as chief financial officer (CFO), Ned personifies Twitter’s values and encourages employees to follow suit, using the company’s clarity of purpose as a means to motivate and inspire his team.

Twitter is public, open, and real-time—we try to embody those same behaviors in how we communicate with the team here at Twitter and how we communicate externally.

In this episode, Ned discusses how transparent communication can eliminate mistakes and misalignment and enable effective brand and reputation management. He also shares advice for financial leaders who are looking to increase efficiency and create new sources of revenue.

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