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Forward-thinking businesses see the human in each customer, employee, or partner. They embrace the tough transformational challenges and seize new ways of delivering value made possible by advanced technologies, data-powered insights, and digital-first experiences.— Susan Sterling, Global Salesforce Assets & Solutions Group Leader

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Susan Sterling

Susan Sterling

Global Consulting Deputy Assets Leader
Global Salesforce Assets & Solutions Group Leader

Susan Sterling, based in San Francisco, leads Deloitte’s Global Salesforce Assets & Solutions Group (ASG) and is the Global Consulting Asset Deputy Leader. ASG focuses on delivering assets and app-enabled services....More

Maximilian Schroeck

Maximilian Schroeck

Global Chief Commercial Officer | Salesforce

Maximilian is the Global Chief Commercial Officer for Deloitte’s Salesforce business, with responsibility for scaling and evolving all facets of the relationship to bring the power of Salesforce.... More

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