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The Japanese Services Group (JSG), established in 1975, is a global network of professionals in Deloitte member firms who specialize in responding to the unique needs of Japanese-owned companies. Currently, Deloitte’s JSG consists of approximately 11,000 professionals worldwide (10,000 in Japan; 1,000 outside of Japan).

Over the past 40 years, JSG has met the needs of Japanese multinational companies operating in overseas markets by combining extensive experience and knowledge about client service with careful consideration of Japanese business practices.

For global JSG, success is defined by delivering services and communications effectively across diverse cultures, languages, and geographic boundaries. JSG professionals are committed to providing distinguished service to our clients through our well-established global network.

Japanese Services Group Network in Deloitte SEA

160 Japanese speakers offer high-quality services by sharing expertise, human resources and information across borders

Vietnam Japanese Services Group

Japanese companies encounter various issues when doing business in Vietnam due to differences in culture, language and environment, and prefer to work through one advisory company to support in the local country where their companies operate. As a leading organization serving Japanese multinational companies, Vietnam Japanese Services Group (JSG) specializes in responding to the distinct needs of Japanese companies. We combine our extensive experience and global network with knowledge and careful consideration of Japanese business, culture, and customs to offer top-notch services to our clients.

Deloitte Vietnam ‘s JSG delivers value added services to Japanese clients by providing monthly newsletter in Japanese, a publication about Vietnam’s investment environment and hosting Japanese seminars/workshop on tax, accounting standards and prevailing regulation changes, etc. for Japanese enterprises in Vietnam and Japan

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