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Driving growth for clients in 2016

A great 2016 looking forward to the year ahead

Deloitte Corporate Finance LLC provides strategic advisory services and M&A advice that help entrepreneurial, corporate, and private equity clients create and act upon opportunities for liquidity, growth, and long-term advantage. With an in-depth understanding of the marketplace and extensive access to strategic acquirors and financial sponsors through our global network of investment bankers, we help clients confidently pursue strategic transactions in both domestic and global markets. Explore this selection of our 2016 deals.

In 2016, we saw the most dynamic year in Deloitte Corporate Finance LLC’s history, with a focus on sell-side transactions, an increase in cross-border deals, an emphasis on advising private companies in executing transactions, and an active capital advisory practice providing debt and equity solutions to the middle market.

This heightened activity level has continued into early 2017 as we continue to help our clients confidently pursue liquidity, growth, and long-term advantage.

Global reach
  • In 2016, Deloitte Corporate Finance deal teams across the international Member Firm network advised on over 500 transactions globally, with cumulative deal values exceeding USD $60.8 billion.
  • Corporate Finance deal teams across the global network advised on the sale of over 250 businesses, with cumulative transaction values of approximately USD $30.8 billion this past year.
  • In 2016, Corporate Finance deal teams across the Member Firm network advised clients on the acquisition of over 250 businesses globally with cumulative transaction values of USD $30.0 billion.
  • Across the global Member Firm network, over 240 transactions led by Corporate Finance deal teams involved cross-border counterparties, with cumulative deal values in excess of USD $32.0 billion.
Representative DCF 2016 transactions

Representative Deloitte Corporate Finance transactions in 2016

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us-benchmark-hospitality-tombstone.jpg (210×310)

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