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Data and analytics are fundamentally transforming the way employees are being attracted, developed and managed in organisations. With competition for talent being higher than ever, attracting top candidates, developing and retaining key talent and building a high-performing and sustainable culture remains a key challenge for organisations across industries and geographies. People Analytics is increasingly becoming a core capability across organisations, providing actionable and reliable insights that vastly improve and transform talent-related decision making.

Pioneering People Analytics in Europe since 2008, with its origins in the former iNostix, our People Analytics Center of Expertise is truly unique. It is managed and driven by a passionate team of practitioners dedicated to bring analytics to the centre of decision-making in the area of talent management. We bring a unique combination of specialised & academic knowledge in the area of talent management (e.g., culture, leadership, learning, employee engagement and experience) and statistical and data science expertise. We have a reputation for designing, managing and delivering practical, business-centred and actionable insights and applying this experience within the context of large strategic business transformations. Effectively connecting organisational strategies to People Analytics and measurement practices in a way that helps companies to unlock strategically relevant insights and embed these into daily decision-making is what drives us.
Our offering covers the entire spectrum of analytical capabilities and resources to extract the full potential and insights from your workforce data: ranging from data collection, measurement and KPI development to advanced analytics, workforce planning and analytics capability building.

1. DEFINE & DEVELOP: Analytics Capability Building 

We help companies becoming a truly data-driven (HR) organisation with the following services:

  • Development of the (People) Analytics Function business case, roadmap & use case prioritisation 
  • Design and implementation of (People) Analytics Function operating and interaction models 
  • Design, development and delivery of (People) Analytics and Data Literacy Training programs 
  • Support in the datafication of functional HR domains (onboarding, recruitment, L&D, etc.) and establishment of HR KPI dashboards and solutions 
  • Build a data culture and accelerate widespread analytics adoption

Tools & Accelerators:
      People Analytics job descriptions and competency frameworks
      People Analytics training modules
      Methodologies to manage People Analytics projects
      People Analytics operating model blueprints
      Trained and Experienced facilitators
      Example People Analytics Use Cases

2. MEASURE: Continuous Listening & Data-driven Transformation 

We help organisations in getting a more robust, holistic and timely understanding of their culture, employee experience, engagement, mindsets & behaviors and skills and capabilities to steer & drive strategic change.

  • Survey & pulse check deployment, analytics & reporting 
  • Measuring the people side & impact of business transformations (e.g., transformation readiness and adoption, ways of working) 
  • Datafying & measuring employee experience across journeys 
  • Research & design of customised listening and measurement strategies, products & methodology (e.g., sampling) 
  • Survey management and operating models 
  • Design, development and deployment of Learning & Development assessments (self-assessment, 360° feedback assessments) in the area of hard and soft skills, learning capability and career interests 

Tools & Accelerators:

Survey library based on latest research
Evidence-based action menus
Team of experts in psychometrics, sampling & survey design
Highly-secured enterprise data collection and feedback tool
Fully bespoke dashboard development

3. ANALYSE: Advanced/Predictive People Analytics 

We help organisations in generating robust & actionable insights on their people data by setting-up & executing advanced analytics prototypes and converting them into tailored productised solutions. Examples are:

  • Advanced People Analytics techniques (Analytics & Artificial Intelligence (AI), Text mining & Sentiment analyses, Organisational Network Analyses (ONA)) 
  • Analytics to augment daily operations (job-fit-, retention-, performance & absenteeism analytics, high-potential identification) 
  • Industrialisation of People Analytics solutions

Tools & Accelerators:

      Experienced team of data scientists in People Analytics
      Risk & Job-fit modelling frameworks based on analytics & business expertise in People Analytics
      Productised Solutions as a managed service: Deloitte Retention & Job-fit Solutions

4. PLAN AHEAD: Strategic Workforce Planning 

We help companies plan and prepare for the future of work through the design and deployment of strategic workforce planning models and solutions.

  • Develop Strategic Workforce Plans to analyse gaps in current supply & demand for workforce segments against several scenarios 
  • Identify & create the (Critical) Workforce Segments and job architecture
  • Create and model strategically defined scenarios to capture possible future workforce outcomes 
  • Support in the identification of demand drivers, defining demand scenarios and translating demands into a workforce needs 
  • Design Talent action plans, including a sourcing decision framework (Build Buy Borrow) to close critical gaps

Tools & Accelerators:

  Deloitte’s proprietary SWP framework
  Deloitte’s proprietary Future of Work and Workforce Transformation methodology 
  Robust tooling experience & templates (Anaplan, Adaptive Insights, Excel, Job Canvas, … )

We have extensive experience in a variety of talent-related topics: 
Employee experience Retention Job fit Culture & Leadership
New Ways of Working Innovation Diversity & Inclusion Employer Branding
Customer-Centricity Agility & Flexibility Digital Fluency Change Readiness & Adoption
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