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Totara Talent Experience Platform

As a Platinum Partner, Deloitte assists your journey in implementing the Totara Talent Experience Platform.

In today’s uncertain world, the only certainty is change. To survive and thrive, your organization needs to be agile and quick to adapt. Expensive, disconnected and inflexible systems will block your organization’s potential. The Totara Talent Experience Platform comprises three powerful solutions to help you build a better workplace, increase resilience and prosper in today’s fast-changing world.
Combine the power and flexibility of Totara Learn, the transformational learning management system (LMS), with Totara Engage, the learning experience platform (LXP) to unite and engage your workforce, plus Totara Perform, the performance management system boosting workplace productivity anytime, anywhere. With Totara’s Talent Experience Platform, you will empower your people to perform at their best in the new world of work. The Totara (open source) ecosystem enables user to:

  • Totara Perform: Understand their current skill set
  • Totara Learn: Find content to help them learn and reflect on where they are in relation to their ambition 
  • Totara Engage: Share their experiences with other employees

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Cornerstone on Demand

Trusted advisor and implementation partner of Cornerstone On Demand: a leading global provider of comprehensive, integrated talent management solutions delivered as software-as-a-service.. Being the market leader in close sourced learning management solutions, Cornerstone Learning keeps innovation at the core. Moreover it is easy to integrate within an existing ecosystem.

Some of our capabilities

The Deloitte Skill Academy is the future of reskilling and upskilling your learners. This user-friendly and smart platform supports all employees, managers, and HR in the development and follow-up of their talent. With clear milestones it enables the career path of your workforce and encourages them to continuously evolve.

Gamified learning: One way to improve employee engagement is by gamifying your journey. By mixing in games and gamification elements, we encourage participation and attendance, and improve the overall success of any program. When adoption of transformation is your objective, then Deloitte is the perfect partner to maximize value through the perfect mix of “work hard, play hard”.

Digital academies: in case you are looking for a more ‘classic’, topic-based solution, we offer a unique combination of high-quality Deloitte IP and meaningful learning analytics topped with a state-of-the-art experience layer as an extra value. Among our topic-based academies you will find:

  • Finlearn academy: Awareness program about the impact of digital disruptors in the finance positions. More info can be found here.
  • Cyber security academy: Learning program about the basics on cyber security. Think about phishing attacks, fake news and much more.
  • Customs & trade academy : Learning journey focussing on export controls and customs.
  • Digital fluency academy: A vast library on digital skills, including topics such as empathy and creative thinking.
  • Leadership academy : A specific learning journey about agile leadership, with focus on leading digital teams.

Please contact us for more information on the above academies. We are happy to setup a demo and explore the relevance for your context. 

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Wouter Maenhout

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