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We design, develop, and maintain fit-for-purpose learning solutions. We drive digitally user experiences, measure the impact, and co-create your learning engine of today and tomorrow. Promoting a culture of continuous learning and professional development is a non-negotiable part of every organization’s learning strategy. To materialise learning in the flow of work, Deloitte’s Learning team offers services including custom learning programme, content development, and technology solutions to create innovative learning experiences that drive both talent development and business results.

Find your way into the learning technology ecosystem


We support our clients to define a strategy for learning and how learning technology can facilitate this strategy with as end goal to have better employee and business performance.


Learning technologies like learning management systems, learning tools as well as learning experiences and learner expectations are evolving at a very fast pace in today’s world. Let’s make sure your learning platforms stay innovative and up-to-date. We help you:

  • Understand your needs
  • Understand the impact of technologies & trends on your organization
  • Choose the solutions that fit your organization best

To achieve this, we developed a unique and tailored approach in which we’ll guide you through the whole process. Based on the organisation’s context and demands, we co-create a customised learning technology roadmap.



Partner with us to deliver the best learning experience

The implementation of learning platforms is the core business of the learning technology team for more than a decade now.

To develop and deliver learning solutions, Deloitte uses important principles from the Agile methodology to secure:

  • On-time and fast delivery of the project in just a few months
  • Focus on deliverables & quality - including timely your different stakeholders in a simple manner

Based on best practices and years of experience, this methodology is proven to achieve the best-for-purpose solution in co-creation with the client.

5 key elements of our learning platform implementors DNA:

  • Personalized: We make sure the platform fits with the organization’s demands and context. If you need a simple out-of-the-box implementation or a fully customized learning solution, it’s all possible.
  • Focus on user experience: In order to make learning as engaging as possible, we aim for a learner experience in our platforms that meets the standards applying for consumer products.
  • Gamification: On top of basic social learning components, we can build in an additional layer of gamification. This could include for example badges if users reach certain levels or leader boards to enable recognition and competition between the platform users.
  • Data driven: Data is a key element to track the performance of people. That is why we add elements such as dashboards, the link with skills, reporting and data-analytics as part of the bigger picture.
  • Compliancy: To ensure a safe learning environment, we are always certified and compliant with the strictest standards in the industry, including GDPR.



Totara, our preferred LMS tool

Totara is an all-in-one solution for workplace learning, engagement and performance in the flow of work. As a Totara Platinum Partner, we have more than a decade of experience implementing Totara for our clients in various industries. Because of the open-source and flexibility capabilities of Totara, we have extended and enriched Totara to ensure our clients reach their full potential.

Discover more about the Totara Talent Experience Platform, browse our cases and learn more about Totara and Deloitte’s partnership here.


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