Due diligence: 5 minute reading series

Our mergers and acquisitions specialists developed a new edition of the 5 minute reading series, which deals with different M&A due diligence processes.

Introduction to due diligence

The first article in the series introduces the term due diligence and presents the types to be considered in mergers and acquisitions, in addition to addressing the main benefits of this process.

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Commercial due diligence

The article shows how well-structured commercial due diligence processes can help to understand the target's commercial position, make an investment-aware decision and act quickly on identified gaps.

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HR due diligence

This article presents the key pillars of Deloitte's approach in its HR due diligence methodology, which aims to minimize risks and provide important information to support during the negotiation phase.

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IT due diligence

This article highlights the importance of a well-structured IT due diligence in helping understand the success of the negotiation, identifying the material risks and the strengths of the target company, besides uncovering potential deal-breakers that might impact the transaction. 

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