Deloitte helps companies and investment funds in the different phases of acquiring a company or selling a business division.

Our services are customized to meet the specific needs of each company, with an emphasis on an industry or sector to help define strategies, achieve objectives and identify opportunities.

Our solutions

Integration and divestiture involve additional challenges, including costs, timelines, and disruption to business as usual. We help clients address end-state planning and integration/separation needs to be better prepared for Day One and beyond.

Services include:

  • Integration / separation planning and support;
  • Day One readiness;
  • Change Management;
  • Transition Services Agreements;
  • Synergy Support;
  • Divestitures.

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Integration & Divestitures 

The transition and transformation period that occurs after a merger and acquisition of a company may present strategic and operational challenges for the new management. Through a multidisciplinary and systemic approach, Deloitte works to support the integration process with the objective of mitigating risks, reducing barriers and ensuring continuity of operation.

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Post-merger Integration

Key contact

Venus Kennedy

Venus Kennedy

LatAm Integration & Divestiture Leader

Venus Kennedy is the Deloitte LatAm Integration & Divestiture Consulting practice leader with over 11 years of experience across the M&A lifecycle including target screening, pre and post day one plan... More