Deloitte refreshes its corporate responsibility strategy

Transforming tomorrow, together

At Deloitte, we’re excited about our recently refreshed corporate responsibility strategy and we’d like to share it with you — our colleagues for life and extended family.

Using our skills to build a stronger tomorrow

From Impact Day to impact every day

Deloitte believes Canada can be a land of opportunity and prosperity for all—if we’re willing to make bold decisions and take the courageous actions we need to get there. We’re committed to making this vision a reality by ensuring future generations have the opportunities, the skills, and the confidence to become the leaders of tomorrow.

With a refreshed corporate responsibility strategy—Tomorrow, Together—we are intentionally applying our most valuable asset, our professional services and expertise, to help break down barriers to education, employment, and inclusion for future generations. Together with our people and community partners, we’re focused on raising aspirations, improving skills, and giving underserved individuals opportunities to thrive.

Our approach involves touchpoints at three levels of society. At the individual level, we’ll lend our experience and knowledge to engage directly with youth and people from marginalized groups. From career mentoring with new Canadians, to teaching financial literacy programs to youth through Junior Achievement (JA), we’ve built a solid foundation of one-to-one impact through our skills-building initiatives.

At the organizational level, we will enter into significant pro bono relationships with key, strategic society partners who share our mandate to maximize the potential of the next generation. By mobilizing our professional skills, we’ll help these organizations overcome business challenges and operate more efficiently and effectively, just as we do for our clients.

We also aim to have an impact at the broader ecosystem level. By leveraging our thought leadership and broader relationships, we can address issues that affect the system-wide effectiveness of the non-profit sector. For example, as a member of Volunteer Canada’s Corporate Council on Volunteerism, we recently convened a national roundtable on vulnerable sector volunteer screening.

Impact (Day), every day

As most of you will recall, Impact Day is our national day of volunteering across the firm. We’re now beginning an important shift to this proud tradition to amplify our impact and ensure we have an impact every day—not just once a year.

Impact Day objectives are now focused primarily on two areas: direct engagement projects with youth, such as mentoring, and pro bono work supporting community organizations that share our mandate to help the next generation succeed through breaking down barriers to education, employment and inclusion. Most importantly, we are developing a suite of impact activities on an ongoing, year-round basis for our people to engage in meaningful pro bono or skills-based volunteer activities. Impact Day will continue to be an important day of impact, but will also serve as an annual celebration and showcase of the impact we’ve made on our community partners and the populations they serve. For more information about Impact Day, or to discuss how you can get involved please contact

Spotlight on mentorship

We’re proud of our long-standing partnership with Junior Achievement in several cities across Canada. We mentor secondary school youth through the entrepreneurship-focused Company Program, where students start and grow a real company over six months. Our people also visit schools to teach a range of programs about financial literacy, workplace readiness, and inclusion. On Impact Day 2017, we will play host to over 150 secondary-school youth in our Bay Adelaide East office for a hands-on entrepreneurship experience.

Got skills?

The foundation of Tomorrow, Together is the introduction of what we call "society partners." We will identify a select group of community organizations that share our mandate to help the next generation succeed. By applying our professional skills and knowledge, we will help these organizations address business challenges.

One of the first of our society partners is TakingITGlobal (TIG), an organization that empowers youth to understand and act on the world’s greatest challenges. TIG was a partner at our annual Deloitte National Leadership student conference, where they presented and workshopped a real-world business issue with the students. Deloitte practitioners are also involved with the Connected North initiative, managed by TIG, which fosters student engagement and enhanced education outcomes in remote Indigenous communities. Additionally, Deloitte people are serving as mentors through another TIG program, Sprout Ideas Fellowship, to grow a culture of social innovation.

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