What is Deloitte’s Next Normal? 

It’s Deloitte Canada’s new hybrid work model.

We will not be using prescriptive targets – like how many days a week we need to be in one place or another. This is because our people and clients need both flexibility and choice to do their best work, each and every day.

So, our 11,000 employees will choose where and how they’ll work to create more value for our clients; more productive results for the firm; and happier, healthier and more meaningful lives for themselves and their families.

This is not a rigid model; it’s a framework for us to explore and apply to our business. We expect these choices to be an ongoing conversation between our teams and clients.

Deloitte’s Next Normal is not about getting our people back to the office fulltime. It’s about using the lessons of the pandemic to become even more productive and more energized than before. A few examples of what our Next Normal is focused on…

  • Bringing the greatest value to our clients through new and different approaches to how we collaborate, problem-solve, and build solutions, together.
  • Creating the flexibility, well-being, and connection our people are craving and in turn, attracting a wider pool of exceptional talent.
  • Creating enhanced workspaces to collaborate and innovate with teams and clients.
  • Building the right tools and capabilities to engage and deliver in a hybrid model.
  • Investing in our people so they can effectively lead and work within hybrid teams.
  • Making an impact that matters in our community – starting with our commitment to sustainability that rethinks how our choices on travel can impact our carbon emissions.

Here are some of the ways we are making this happen (more to come as we learn over the coming months):

  • Introducing new routines and collaboration tools for facilitating hybrid meetings, events, and workshops to improve productivity and create exceptional hybrid experiences.
  • Enhancing our Deloitte office spaces – considering the technologies, formats and spaces that will best support hybrid operating norms with our teams and clients.
  • Launched a Team Pledge tool which supports our teams and our clients in making commitments to each other around preferred ways of working, development goals and work-life balance.
  • Refreshing talent management practices – from how we recruit across Canada, to how we create learning opportunities in the flow of hybrid work as part of our apprenticeship model.
  • Introduced “meeting free Friday afternoons” - whether online or live - to reduce the pressure we all feel heading into the weekend.
  • Providing enhanced access to tooling and financial support to all employees to improve their home office environment.
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