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Deloitte's Simply Content Adobe-powered solution simplifies content creation by delivering campaign-ready creative for your print and digital needs.

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The future of campaign generation

To meet consumers’ evolving demands for personalized content, Simply Content automates creative asset generation for organizations big, small, and in between, and for teams ranging from agencies to in-house marketing groups.

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Minimize manual effort

Reduce and automate the time-consuming steps in the process of delivering across different products, or digital renditions.

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Scale content seamlessly

Customize and replicate brand-approved campaign template designs and content, whether communicating locally or across geographic regions.

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Enhance cross-collaboration

Define roles, workflows and governance to formalize processes and
enforce standards.

Empower your people

Today organizations need to generate more content-faster, in greater volumes and more cost-effectively - than ever before to meet or exceed customer expectations.

Deloitte has created Simply Content to deliver content and overall campaigns more quickly and effeciently, harnessing the flexibity of Adobe APIs and workflow tools.

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With Simply Content, you can...

Simply Content: Transforming campaign creation

Simply Content in action: One company’s marketing transformation

Discover how Simply Content helped a leading Canadian property-management company accelerate their creation of marketing-campaign collateral.

Due to the sheer volume of requested collateral, the in-house creative team needed significant time to produce materials and undergo multiple editing cycles. Turnaround was taking days, affecting business goals.

With Simply Content, we created a self-serve model for marketing-collateral creation that uses an enterprise-wide, digital asset-management library and 30 brand-compliant templates.

With automated asset tagging of the property-management company’s 50 GB of content, marketing managers were able to accelerate and simplify the creation of print- and digital-campaign material when and as needed. Here are some white-label examples.