Seeding new opportunities: Listening to Canada’s cannabis consumer

2021 cannabis consumer report

As Canada enters its third year of legalized recreational cannabis use, what’s next for the industry? Where are its newest opportunities for growth, after reaping the rewards of years, if not decades, of pent-up demand?

To address these questions, we gathered insights shared by more than 1,000 Canadian cannabis consumers, as well as 30 + licensed producers and retailers, which helped paint a clearer picture of the sector today, its potential for tomorrow, and the path forward. We examined the usage patterns of three distinct groups—which we defined as existing, new, and returning consumers—to help pinpoint the most promising areas for development within the industry. What are Canadians looking for, how are they making their purchases, and how can cannabis companies reach each of the three distinct client groups? What key take-aways surfaced from our conversations with licensed producers and retailers? Moreover, how can cannabis companies boost growth by drawing consumers away from the unlicensed market?

Our report aims to answer these questions, based on findings from our survey and perspectives from cannabis companies. We hope these insights into the issues spark the conversations needed among cannabis companies and industry regulators to help propel the sector and continue to limit the size and reach of the unlicensed market.

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