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Nurturing continued growth in Canada’s cannabis sector

As the cannabis sector in Canada grows to maturity, so too grows the requirement for excellence.

Business leaders in such a highly regulated sector as cannabis can benefit from experienced help in navigating compliance, growth, commercial strategy, and cost efficiencies as they seek to transform their operations, processes, controls, and infrastructure.

We have the cross-functional skills and experience to deliver complex projects in a developing sector. Already leaders in the cannabis consulting space, our proficiencies were further deepened by the acquisition in 2019 of Cannabis Compliance Inc. (CCI), a globally recognized firm.

Read on for more information about service offerings, reports, news, opportunities, and much more. We have Canada’s cannabis sector covered.


Clearing the smoke: insights into Canada’s illicit cannabis market

Narrowing prices and growing product lines have brought both legal retailers and regulators face to face with Canada's flowering illicit cannabis market.
Since its inception in 2018, the Cannabis Act has guided Canada's cannabis market through its share of highs and lows. At the five-year mark, one challenge has emerged as a top priority: the rise of illicit markets. These unregulated vendors—with their diverse products and attractive pricing—are drawing consumers in.

Price. It’s complicated.

How cannabis pricing differs from other consumer goods
Since its legalization in Canada, cannabis production and retail has blossomed from a seedling industry into one of North America’s most rapidly developing markets. As the industry grows toward full maturity, we decided to look at how pricing in the market has evolved.

Seeding new opportunities: Listening to Canada’s cannabis consumer

2021 cannabis consumer report
As Canada enters its third year of legalized recreational cannabis use, what’s next for the industry?

Driving growth and building trust in global markets

2020 cannabis report
How can cannabis companies change course, evolve, and mature in global markets? Read our 2020 report to discover how to harness growth and move forward with confidence.

Cannabis biosynthesis

Cannabis biosynthesis technology offers many important advantages for life sciences companies and licensed producers (LPs) including cost-effectiveness and better opportunity for quality. Explore how this technology can change the competitive landscape for life sciences companies and LPs.

Nurturing New Growth

Canada gets ready for cannabis 2.0
All eyes remain on Canada as it prepares for the next stage of cannabis legalization—a step that will keep the country firmly at the vanguard of a societal revolution and a new industry exploding with potential.

Cannabis Services

Operational advisory

  • Seed-to-sale tracking systems advisory and development
  • Supply chain development, management, and optimization
  • Cultivation, extraction, and production planning
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Operational efficiency improvements
  • Productivity improvement planning
  • Equipment/process validation

Government regulatory services

  • Advising on public policy
  • Legalization business models
  • Enforcement and analytics
  • Public health impact

Commercial planning

  • Category review and product portfolio management
  • Performance marketing strategies
  • Customer segmentation & channel planning
  • Market research & consumer insights
  • G2M strategies, sales effectiveness, and optimization

Business strategy

  • Market entry assessments and commercial planning
  • Acquisition strategies
  • Product & service innovation
  • Competitive assessment
  • Supply chain network & facility optimization
  • Growth planning

Regulatory and compliance

  • Risk and operational due diligence
  • Facility and compliance assessments
  • Licensing and applications management
  • Risk management programs
  • Quality management systems: implementation, assessments, and operational efficiency programs
  • Ongoing mitigation strategies
  • Formulation, packaging, and label assessments

Financial Advisory

  • Merger strategy and operational transformation
  • Valuations
  • Integration and synergy capture
  • Restructuring services
  • Financial and accounting due diligence
  • Financial crime
  • Forensics

Audit and Tax

  • IPO readiness assessments and execution support
  • Acquisition accounting
  • Internal controls over financial reporting
  • International-expansion tax structuring
  • Indirect tax compliance

Human Capital

  • Talent management and retention
  • Customer-centric organization
  • Competitive compensation/benefit programs
  • Workforce training and education programs
  • Executive and critical roles succession planning

Information Technology

  • IT strategy and road map
  • IT strategy alignment with firm strategy
  • Resource planning systems
  • Consolidation of data centres, systems, and staff
  • Cybersecurity and risk

Press Releases




Deloitte expands cannabis practice with Cannabis Compliance Inc. acquisition

Deloitte has acquired Mississauga-based Cannabis Compliance Inc. (CCI) to enhance its growing cannabis consulting practice. Specializing in licensing and compliance, CCI has become a trusted advisor to many Canadian cannabis business leaders. The newly established CCI Deloitte will offer substantial resources and deep knowledge across the entire cannabis consulting spectrum, providing end-to-end services to help our clients thrive.




Deloitte and TruTrace Technologies Inc. form strategic alliance to improve cannabis quality control and safety for retailers and consumers

Deloitte and TruTrace Technologies Inc. (CSE: TTT; OTCQB: TTTSF) have announced a strategic alliance to deliver blockchain product-traceability solutions to the cannabis industry. The alliance will improve clients’ ability to build trusted brands, ensure medical and recreational distributors and retailers receive accurate shipments, and provide consumers with confidence they are buying verified products from credible sources.




Deloitte estimates next round of cannabis legalization will create a new $2.7-billion market in Canada

Canadian cannabis companies well-positioned to capture part of significant global market.
The next stage of cannabis legalization in Canada is expected to create a consumer market for edibles and other alternative cannabis products worth more than C$2.5 billion a year and generate higher profits for retailers than cannabis products that are already legal, according to Deloitte’s latest annual report on the country’s cannabis industry.




Nielsen, Headset and Deloitte announce a strategic alliance to provide data & insights to legal cannabis market in Canada

Today Nielsen, Headset and Deloitte announced a strategic alliance that will provide key stakeholders in the cannabis space with critical market insights to understand federally regulated cannabis consumption and sales in Canada.

Brochures and Articles

The case for training

Even with the inclusion of talent from adjacent industries, attracting and retaining skilled employees has been one of the most pressing concerns in the cannabis sector.

Cannabis operational risk: Views from quality assurance professionals

As the cannabis industry rides the upheavals of 2020 along with the rest of the economy, QA professionals reflect on the space’s status of risk and discuss how to succeed in the future.

The Canadian cannabis industry: executing the deal

As the cannabis era dawns, the buildup toward the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada is in full swing.

Rishi Malkani, Partner

Rishi is a partner in the M&A Transaction Services Group. He is the lead partner managing the Cannabis practice in Canada. Rishi has over a decade of experience advising both strategic and financial sponsor clients in a variety of capacities. Rishi specializes in delivering strategic advice, comprehensive due diligence, buy and sell-side advisory services and deal structuring advice.

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