Cannabis biosynthesis

Cannabis biosynthesis technology offers many important advantages for life sciences companies and licensed producers (LPs) including cost-effectiveness and better opportunity for quality. Explore how this technology can change the competitive landscape for life sciences companies and LPs.

A promising new opportunity for life sciences companies

For decades, life sciences companies have used biosynthesis to produce a range of pharmaceutical therapies, including insulin, blood clotting factors, and human growth hormone. More recently, researchers have also begun to explore how biosynthesis can be used to accelerate the production of cannabinoids such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

Deloitte’s latest report—Cannabis biosynthesis: A promising new opportunity for life sciences companies—explores the attractive opportunity cannabinoid biosynthesis offers life sciences companies that could result in effective—and profitable—new therapies.

Topics covered in this paper include:

  • Why the endocannabinoid system is worth researching for life sciences companies
  • How biosynthesis can help explore cannabis’ health and wellness potential
  • The benefit that biosynthesis allows for studying cannabinoids in more controlled conditions 
  • The challenges of cannabinoid biosynthesis research

Threat or opportunity?

As the global cannabis industry regroups and recovers from an especially tumultuous period, licensed producers (LPs) worldwide are building on lessons learned to strengthen their businesses and move forward. All companies involved in the cannabis industry will be keenly scanning the market for new opportunities and challenges, particularly as major players from outside the cannabis space begin to make inroads.

One development in particular has the potential to disrupt the world of cultivation-focused LPs and reshape supply chains: cannabis biosynthesis. Our latest article—Cannabis biosynthesis: threat or opportunity?—explores how this technology could change the competitive landscape and why LPs should prepare to defend themselves or seize the opportunity.

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