The future of hospitality

Re-engaging consumers post pandemic

Restaurants, hotels, casinos, and sporting venues have stood empty for months as governments and public health authorities acted to contain the spread of the coronavirus. COVID-19 lockdowns have seen Canadians work, shop, socialize, and entertain themselves online more than ever. Months of self-isolation and, in many cases, significant spending constraints quickly and dramatically changed how consumers behave. Now, as authorities across Canada and other parts of the world have begun to reopen their economies, the hospitality sector is gearing up to do business once again. However, what does this mean when Canadians remain concerned about exposure to the coronavirus? and authorities are likely to maintain strict, if evolving, rules on venue capacity, physical distancing, and more in an effort to ensure that reopening does not spark a new wave of viral infections? How will the hospitality sector re-engage consumers who’s behaviours have changed drastically?

Based on insights shared from key players in the sector, Deloitte provides an assessment of changed consumer habits and identifies best practices for the sector to re-engage consumers in these trying times.

Read the report to see how the hospitality sector is responding to consumer’s changed behaviours’ as well as reimagining the customer experience and consult the Deloitte State of the Consumer Tracker which records global consumer sentiment during the pandemic.

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