The Age of With™: The AI advantage in defence and security  

How adopting AI can bring long-term success for the defence and security industry

Artificial intelligence will change the way we work, the way we communicate, the way we make decisions, and the way we interpret the world. But whether AI makes us better businesses—and better people—is in our hands.

In our The Age of With series, we discuss how to create a world where human capabilities are enhanced by AI. This automated world will not create itself—it needs people who dare to open themselves to change. We are ready to go wherever our shared intelligence can take us. Make the journey with us.

Our series’ fourth installment, called The AI advantage in defence and security, examines how the introduction of artificial intelligence can bring profound changes to governments. Indeed, countries around the world are embracing AI at a rapid pace to help them improve citizen experiences, drive economic prosperity, and enhance public safety and security.

AI has the potential to see beyond the horizon in ways that have not been possible before. Whether they’re in the military, policing, or border security, defence and security organizations need to be prepared on multiple fronts to operationalize their data, streamline existing functions, implement new technology, respond to ethical concerns, and procure the necessary tools to accomplish their goals.


Thomas Riisom

Rheanne Scott

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