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Building solutions that combine business intelligence with the power of AI

The AI Factory is where strategy meets intelligent design. We coordinate and synthesize the powers of Omnia AI to create unique and targeted products that optimize the way a business works. Combining machine-learning capabilities with deep business and industry acumen allows us to solve complex problems and build tangible, enterprising solutions. The AI Factory is a creation engine that is continually learning, evolving and driving change. It’s built into our DNA and it informs our approach to product design.

The power of collaboration

Through the AI Factory, you have more than access to trailblazing AI-driven products tailored to your business needs. You’re also connected to the wider Omnia AI and Deloitte network, enabling you to excel in the marketplace.

Identify network vulnerabilities

A single exploitable asset could compromise an organization’s network. CyFi Suite provides a business with APM (Attack Path Modelling) and IAM (identity access management) to provide AI-enabled real-time vulnerability identification, simulation, analytics and network role maintenance. Proactively protect your organization from internal and external cybersecurity threats to reduce risk in your network.

Digital media risk-sensing

Use the Cognitive Risk Sensing Platform (CRiSP) to understand and detect early indicators of risk by monitoring live digital media streams. Proactively identify risks to your brand reputation and combat problems before they escalate enabled by modern Natural Language Processing techniques.

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