Democratize the power of advanced artificial intelligence, data, and analytics. CortexAI™ is a cloud-enabled platform with plug-and-play data sets, analytics dashboards, and AI capabilities that delivers business results and performance at speed and scale.

Our goal is to empower your people to solve your toughest business problems using artificial intelligence and data at scale—and we’ve designed our AI platform to remove the roadblocks that stand in their way.

CortexAI™ can help you harness the power of AI faster, no matter what technology you have now. Integrate your existing solutions seamlessly and holistically or start from scratch using our prebuilt tools and solutions, then expand your AI capabilities as needs arise with our ongoing progressive innovations and broadening capabilities.

Combining Deloitte experience with the power of AI, CortexAI™ helps organizations rapidly develop and deploy scalable AI solutions customized to their unique business needs.

CortexAI™ provides:

  • A standard, secure, and scalable cloud-agnostic infrastructure to build and host AI applications
  • Seamless integration of AI capabilities from leading cloud providers, internet companies, and AI startups
  • Centralized data storage and big-data management
  • Prebuilt AI, advanced analytics, data science, machine learning, and intelligent automation capabilities
  • Curated data sets, industry-aligned asset libraries, algorithms, models, and patterns

Combined with the breadth of Deloitte’s industry knowledge, multidisciplinary experience and services, and strategic relationships, CortexAI™ can help you achieve gains in a wide range of key business metrics, from operational efficiency to revenue growth.

Through Deloitte’s AI Institute, we’ve created a forum to showcase thought leadership and enablers on AI risks and applications, including how to take maximum advantage of CortexAI™ as a data and technology platform.

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