Experience disruption by design

Discover the art of the possible and resolve business challenges--fast

Disruption is the new normal–raising concerns about how to compete against non-traditional players and keep up with increasing customer expectations. While new approaches, new ways of thinking, and new technologies can be your greatest opportunity, they can also turn into your greatest challenges. At the Greenhouse, we can help you proactively disrupt your business-as-usual, accelerating your path to meaningful breakthroughs and extraordinary results to keep you competitive.

Our subject matter experts and trained facilitators work with you to develop strategies and achieve breakthroughs that will get you to your business objectives faster. Leveraging proven methods, frameworks, experience- based design, and advanced technology, we work with you to uncover innovative but achievable business solutions.

Our clients come to us with unique objectives, challenges, and ideas of success. We ensure that every client session is a customized, engaging experience that delivers immediate next steps and a roadmap for success. Leading up to your session, our team diligently researches your organization and its challenges, and then uses our proprietary framework, disruption by design, to develop an experience lab that promises to unleash new ways of thinking.

Once the experience is designed, your team attends a one-to-two day session in our immersive and innovative Greenhouse–a space that is more than a think tank or a meeting venue. It is an environment that spurs ideas, harnesses collaboration, fosters fresh perspectives, and reveals new possibilities to help you form extraordinary strategies for transforming your business.

Our approach

Every Deloitte Greenhouse session is an immersive, high-touch, high-tech experience that is based in an environment that has been customized to your unique strategic needs and tailored to innovative thinking. Drawing on the combined knowledge of our global network of subject matter experts, as well as a proven disruption by design methodology, we create meaningful experiences to challenge the way our clients think. Our sessions are designed to reveal insights and spark discussions around concepts they may not be thinking about, such as the integration of their analytics, innovation, and digital capabilities to reshape their business. By the end of your session, you will have a tangible strategy supported by an action plan that will help you implement the changes needed to achieve breakthrough results. While no two sessions are ever alike, our experiential approach always includes:


Disrupting ordinary thinking

In today's disruptive environment, tried-and-true solutions often won't resolve your challenges or help you exploit unconventional opportunities. That's why we start by gaining an understanding of your challenges and their context so that we can design an experience that gets you thinking outside the box and on the path to tangible results.

Revealing new possibilities

Discover the art of the possible through the Greenhouse Gallery. We give you access to our global network of insights, methods, knowledge, and client case studies. Our approach helps you gain fresh perspectives, enables change and growth within your organization.

Provoking action

Your experience lab provides you with more than a vision for your future. It gives you a tangible action plan you can use to eliminate barriers to progress, create ownership, and get your team aligned on how to realize tangible results, and create a road map for success.


The Discovery Zone and the world of exponentials

While virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and robotics may sound like the wave of the future, these exponential technologies already exist in the market today. We research technology trends emerging across all industries and identify exponentials that will disrupt our world. We bring them into the Discovery Zone so that our clients can experience the digital era in a tangible way and be introduced to capabilities and technologies that will disrupt industries, and shape new markets.

Discover first-hand how these innovative and disruptive technologies can change the way your business and people operate. Get up-to-speed on how crowdsourcing and new digital organizations are changing the marketplace. Discover for yourself the benefits of becoming a first adopter rather than a follower.

To find out how we can help your organization engage in disruption by design, please contact us.

Meet our leader

Lynette Horton

National Greenhouse Director

lhorton@deloitte.ca | 416-874-3217

Lynette Horton is the National Director for the Canadian Deloitte Greenhouses, with more than 15 years of experience in professional services. She applies her passion for creating exceptional client e... More