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AI capabilities & services

AI can and will transform organizational decision-making, drive efficiencies, build new capabilities and businesses, and power sustainable, value-driving activities. Our capabilities empower us to provide complete end-to-end services for our clients and help them achieve their goal of true AI driven-transformation, regardless of their current analytic and AI maturity.

Your AI journey starts and ends with your strategic business goals

A clear focus on your business objectives will help align your foundational AI initiatives. We can help businesses identify their intended AI outcomes, then navigate the AI adoption journey from start to scale with confidence.

Conect with us


Educating, inspiring and guiding clients on how to adopt cutting-edge business practices to transform their organization.

AI Labs and Academies

Accelerate the identification of AI initiatives with the highest value outcomes. Upskill the technical and non-technical competencies your organization needs to succeed.

AI Strategy & Enablement

Make your AI strategy real by designing and operationalizing the AI delivery capabilities needed to realize value.

Trustworthy AI

Ensure your AI initiatives and the data that powers them operate responsibly and ethically.


Modernizing and transforming data management to enable at scale data centric solutions and AI Insights.

Data governance

Improve the quality and governance of your data and establish clear accountability concerning its generation and use.

Data modernization

Extract maximum value from your data by modernizing your platforms to enable at-scale data-centric solutions.


Developing tailored AI and Analytics solutions to meet specific client and organization needs.

Intelligent automation and products

Unleash efficiencies by transforming business processes with speed and precision. Create unique AI products that optimize the way your business works.

Domain Insights

  • Customer Intelligence: unlock opportunities to provide a superior customer experience and leverage data technology to lead your marketing practices.
  • Supply chain and procurement:
  • unlock opportunities to provide a superior customer experience, connect with meaning.

What Omnia AI can do for you

Our end-to-end framework includes the development of an AI strategy, the management and transformation of data, embedding the right processes and ensuring the right people and technology are brought together to deliver insights.

We leverage our framework along with our top tier alliance and ecosystem partners to drive value and solve real business problems.

Our capabilities include:
- Business and domain expertise
- Advanced analytics / machine learning/ deep learning
- Operational excellence and optimization
- Data engineering
- Risk / governance
- User centered design / design thinking
- UX/UI design / information design/ data visualization
- Technology / cloud infrastructure
- Project management

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