Deloitte’s global industry and technical experience yields a more intelligent approach to discovery. Our insight into client needs enables us to address current matters in a cost-effective manner that’s designed to withstand scrutiny and that establishes a robust, repeatable process for the future.

Cyber crime and computer forensic

Locating data for investigations

The mobile changes on the way represent a transformation in how organization leaders must think about security. But many organizations have failed to develop policies and plans for the use of mobile technologies in and for their operations. Instead, they are letting technology trends and individual preferences influence their direction.

Deloitte's cybercrime and computer forensic professionals help you find relevant data by collecting, preserving, and harvesting data.

We provide a range of services, including:

  • Collecting data in a wide range of formats and media (including hard copy) from national and international locations
  • Navigating IT systems to uncover information that may be recoverable from computer hard drives and backup tapes, including active, deleted, hidden, lost or encrypted files, or file fragments
  • Preserving all data to be stored in a locked, fireproof safe for evidentiary and chain-of-custody purposes

Document reviews

Effective document review and production

Our professionals offer organizations and their legal counsel efficient and timely assistance with document review and production in complex business disputes and investigations, including handling matters of relevance, privilege, and categorization of issues.

Our document-review professionals can also employ technology and advanced analytics techniques, such as text categorization, to help create efficiencies and cost savings, protect privilege, conceal trade secrets, and comply with privacy requirements. In addition, they can design and manage review protocols focused on protecting you from sanctions while minimizing the costs of meeting production obligations.

Tackling technical challenges

Electronic discovery and readiness

Advanced technologies and expertise

Deloitte's electronic discovery and readiness professionals use advanced technologies to help your organization process and facilitate the analysis, review, and production of electronically stored information that is related to litigation and investigations.

Our integrated services are provided at our Canadian Electronic Discovery Solutions Centre (EDSC) and in regional centres around the world. They're closely connected to pre-litigation consulting, conducted as part of litigation readiness, and to the work of computer forensics.

Putting plans in motion

Data hosting

Secure and efficient service

We facilitate secure, efficient document search, retrieval, and review, allowing users to review and manage hard-copy and electronic documents for litigation, investigations, and other engagements that require multiple users to access large volumes of information simultaneously and from many locations.

Deloitte's data-hosting capabilities include numerous web-based hosting and review options. Depending on the matter type, data volumes, case theory, and number of concurrent users, we work to match the technology to your unique needs.

Putting plans in motion

Managed services

Automating processes, managing services

The Deloitte Managed Service is differentiated by a one-size-fits-one approach, the inclusion of Relativity analytics for all matters, and a national team of qualified professionals. Our pricing structure is designed to be clear and inclusive, providing you with predictable costs and disbursement options for eDiscovery.

By partnering with an eDiscovery expert with a multi-tenant environment, you’re able to take advantage of pooled licensing costs, shared IT infrastructure, and dedicated storage. Security and data segregation are a top priority, as well as the ability to scale in real time to meet your specific needs.

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