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Whether you need to save to survive or want to save to thrive, Shift by Deloitte can help you take deliberate action, build your confidence and capabilities, quickly realize benefits, and move into a more competitive cost position. It’s our approach to sustainable cost transformation and turnaround.

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Sustainable cost transformation and turnaround hero

Face volatility head on and be ready for anything

Executives need to respond to acute and long-term financial, strategic, and operational pressures with rapid, decisive action. Faced with challenges that impact profitability, cash flows, balance sheets, and organizational capabilities, as many as 80% of organizations fail to realize, let alone sustain, meaningful cost savings. Oftentimes, their actions don’t match their aspirations, and the benefits from the initiatives they do implement aren’t sustainable. We help organizations reconfigure to scale cost structures and navigate through:

  • A return to fiscal discipline and productive spend in light of tightening credit conditions and elevated inflation
  • Margin improvement, from the revenue and cost sides, while managing customer expectations, growth, resilience, and supply network agility
  • Value realization from past and pending investments like M&A, capital projects, and technology transformations
  • Confident communication in response to rising expectations and activism
Face volatility head on and be ready for anything

Shift beyond costs

Having repeatedly delivered sustained benefits, we have a foundational awareness of what it takes to execute a successful turnaround and sustainable cost transformation:

  • Understanding your trajectory through organizational stress, distress, and disruption
  • Generating practical insights based on benchmarks and analysis to help focus attention
  • Taking decisive and deliberate steps to reach your targets
  • Setting up the discipline and conditions to sustain benefits for the long-term
  • Facilitating cost savings without compromising on your commitments to customer and employee experiences, overall competitiveness, resiliency, and speed to market

Why Deloitte?

Shift by Deloitte is our promise and approach to delivering turnarounds and cost transformations. Using our pragmatic mindset, solution set, and experience, we aim to:

  • Quickly unearth meaningful insights
  • Activate the bias for action we are known for
  • Deliver rapid improvements, increased capabilities, and positive structural change
  • Embed the means for your organization to sustain benefits

We don’t do all this to you—we are on the journey with you. Whether you need to save to survive or you want to save to thrive, we are fixated on your success.

Let’s shift into action

Six ways to start your journey

Confront uncertainty with scenario planning

Explore how the world might unfold by examining different scenarios for the same challenge—an effective technique to help leaders make better decisions.

COVID-19: Confronting uncertainty through and beyond the crisis

No country, company, executive team, or individual leader will be immune from COVID-19’s long-term impact. No strategy will survive fully intact. Scenario-thinking and sensing capabilities can strengthen the courage and conviction of executives to lead through unique times.
covid-19-confronting-uncertainty-through-and-beyond-the-crisis-report Read the report

Building an advantaged portfolio: The crux of corporate strategy

The most successful portfolios exhibit three broad characteristics: strategically sound, value-creating, and resilient.
building-an-advantaged-portfolio-the-crux-of-corporate-strategy-report Read the report

Be your own activist

Ask yourself challenging and uncomfortable questions about performance, governance, decisions, and complexity to uncover new ways to create value.

Activist investors: Gaining the activist’s edge

Applying the mindset and lens of an activist to your own business can highlight both opportunities and shortcomings in your current strategy.
activist-investors-gaining-the-activists-edge Read the report

How boards can develop an activist mindset to drive secure value

In this report, we outline how companies can carry out self-assessments to support their value creation opportunities, divestments, and disruptive M&A, which targets small, fast-growing businesses and technologies to capture innovation-led growth.
activist-shareholder Read the report

Developing an activist mindset

This report reveals how such pre-emptive actions can demonstrate that management is listening to shareholders and taking measures to achieve superior results.
activist-investor Read the report

Build a resilient balance sheet

The strength of your balance sheet is not only what keeps your organization going (cash), but also what allows you to exercise strategic options.

Recognizing early warning signs: When to prepare for a corporate turnaround

One of the most effective ways to halt any downward cycle is to identify the early warning signs and take action. Read our latest article to better identify potential issues and take proactive steps to address them.
turnaround-article-en Read the report

Capital allocation and resilient portfolios

Capital allocation is a critical issue for large companies. The ability of boards and management to allocate capital wisely is a top skill sought by institutional investors. It is a difficult discipline to master, capable of either unlocking value for a business or destroying value if not performed well.
capital-allocation-pov Read the report

Working Capital and Liquidity Advisory

Creating and accelerating sustainable value through working capital improvements and a cash-focused culture.
capital-allocation-pov Read the report

Protect your profit margins

Withstand inflationary pressures and low-growth scenarios with more cost reductions and better revenue management.

How reducing costs through a sustainable cost transformation can set you up for long-term business success

While cutting costs may save a company from an acute situation, it is by definition a short-term fix. It doesn’t allow businesses to transform their operations in the ways they need to thrive. Learn more on sustainable cost transformation.
How reducing costs through a sustainable cost transformation can set you up for long-term business success Read the report

2023 MarginPlus survey: Transforming through disruption

Inflation, rising interest rates, and supply shortages have business leaders asking the same question: How can we capitalize on margin improvements in today’s economy? Our 2023 MarginPlus survey reveals how nearly 300 executives are overcoming these obstacles, focusing on tech-enabled transformation strategies, and staying agile to drive growth.
margin-improvement-and-technology-enabled-transformation-strategy Read the report

Save-to-Thrive: Enterprise transformation and performance improvement strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic

While some companies are reducing costs to continue operating, others have recognized the need to transform their operations and capabilities with an increased and accelerated emphasis on technology and digital enablement, positioning themselves to thrive in the next normal. We call this mindset “save-to-thrive.”
global-cost-survey-save-to-thrive Read the report

Next-Generation Managed Services: Journey from Cost to Value

The report examines the opportunities and challenges organizations face as they forge dynamic relationships with next-generation managed service providers—otherwise known as, Operate service providers.
global-cost-survey-save-to-thrive Read the report

Build an agile, resilient, and efficient supply chain

The ability to rapidly reconfigure supply networks through integrated and collaborative relationships from source to customers, while keeping inventory and costs low can help you build a more flexible yet durable supply chain.

How to tackle supply chain challenges and thrive

Supply chain volatility has become an ever-present challenge for businesses around the world. Whether this is a short-term problem or a longer-term trend, to mitigate far-reaching impacts, organizations need to adopt new approaches and methods if they hope to thrive in this new environment.
supply-chain-challenges-and-thrive Read the report

The new supply chain equilibrium

In the wake of COVID-19 and growing geopolitical risks, companies around the world are optimizing their supply chains. To really thrive, they should also focus on agility.
supply-chain-agility-efficiency Read the report

Supply chain strategies: For many companies, the traditional balance is shifting

In many organizations, the scale and scope of disruption over the past few years has prompted new discussions about whether supply chain strategies should give more consideration to risk and resilience.
supply-chain-strategies-the-traditional-balance-is-shifting Read the report

The path to unlocking evergreen value

It’s time to look beyond cost reduction and begin accelerating supply chain, finance, and HR operations to create evergreen value.
evergreen-value-in-supply-chain-finance-hr-operations Read the report

Make your organization anti-fragile

How to not only anticipate and withstand shocks, but also to learn from them and grow stronger amid constant change.

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