Women in Financial Services webcast

Resiliency through the crisis

The past year has demonstrated the importance of resilience in the face of all risks—not just global pandemics. Resilient leaders need to plan for disruption, adapt, endure and rebound in a way that enables them to not only succeed but lead the way to a “new and better normal.”

Our Women in Financial Services webcast featured a panel that discussed:

  1. Reflections on personal resilience: What we have learned during the pandemic, and how it will change priorities within our teams and ourselves
  2. Lessons in resilient leadership: Key executive actions that resilient leaders should embrace in times of crisis
  3. Building organizational resilience: How to rethink resilience across your operations, risk, financials, technology, and broader society


  • Roxana Grestza, Risk Advisory National Organizational Resilience Leader, Deloitte Canada


  • Sarah Kim, Head, Strategy & Transformation, Group Risk Management, BMO Financial Group
  • Denise Cox, VP, Enterprise & Third Party Resilience, RBC
  • Raman Rai, Financial Services Consulting Leader, Deloitte Canada
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