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Human Capital

Business challenges are creating a new wave of HR, talent, and organization priorities. To help companies navigate these changes, we use research, analytics, and industry insights to design and execute programs that will help unlock the potential of all your people and the resiliency of your organization.

Organizations are being challenged to quickly innovate, digitize, maximize productivity, and create new value while also reducing risk and contributing to society. At the core of all this activity is the actual work itself: If considered an outcome rather than solely as a series of processes, work becomes the primary driver of not only productivity but also innovation, meaning, and value.

Our Human Capital professionals help organizations maximize productivity, value, and impact throughout the organization, the workforce, and HR. They use research, analytics, technology solutions, and industry insights to help clients:

  • Create an organization that can respond to the increasing need for transparency in this era of the social enterprise
  • Compose a workforce that drives productivity and value for the long as well as the short term
  • Design all aspects of work in a way that allows employees to find meaning in the work they do

Our services

Human resources transformation
In a dynamic world with constant disruption, human capital issues must be viewed as business issues that are shaped by HR but addressed across the C-suite. Preparing HR for the future demands major shifts in mindset, roles, capabilities, and digital enablers, with reinvention at the core.

Organizational transformation
Business is being disrupted. New business models, advances in technology, agile approaches to working, and regulation are constantly changing the way organizations work. Transformation grounded in the principles of human experience can drive sustainable change on a behavioural, cultural, and organizational level.

Workforce transformation
Work, workforces, and workplaces are responding to technological and societal disruptors characteristic of our times. Success depends on having a strategy that reimagines all aspects of workforce management, from accessing, aligning, engaging, rewarding to, ultimately, leading the workforce of the future.

Your business needs to chart the course, but empower your people to get to the destination.

Key contact

Jeff Moir

Jeff Moir

Partner, Human Capital

Jeff is a partner in Deloitte’s Human Capital practice and was one of its founding members and recently its leader. He has deep cross-industry experience in operating model and organization design. He... More