Farrell LLP Immigration Law

Farrell LLP is an independent global immigration law firm allied with Deloitte Canada. Our alliance with Deloitte Canada enables our legal teams to leverage the broader firm’s resources and experience in technology and process-driven business operations. Our combined experience is the foundation of our service delivery model, resulting in an enhanced governance, compliance and employee experience for our clients. By combining the strengths of Deloitte and Farrell LLP under one umbrella, our clients benefit from the full scope of our capabilities resulting in a consultative approach that supports and transforms immigration and mobility programs. We promote operational excellence across the firm, through targeted project-based, administrative and programmatic support. We are committed to the continuous improvement of our service delivery model, driving higher output without compromising on quality. Our model minimizes risk and increases compliance, delivering the following benefits to our clients:

  • Insight driven - Deloitte’s strength in data analytics promotes a culture of data-driven decision-making, increasing our effectiveness in the complex immigration climate. 
  • Dedicated and accountable – Recognizing the critical nature of the work we do for our clients and the importance of trust in our relationship, we promote transparency and encourage open communication. We require excellence from our legal and specialist teams, and are continually raising the bar. 
  • Nimble & highly responsive to change – Our firm and processes are structured to effectively manage the ebb and flow of immigration practice, while remaining highly responsive to changes in adjudication standards.
  • Support complex accounts – We service some of the most complex accounts in immigration practice. We provide far more than immigration production – our focus is strategic, business-minded and solution-based.

Erin Farrell
Partner, Toronto

Charlene Quincey
Partner, Toronto

Carla Villar
Director, Vancouver

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