Brick Brewing Co. Limited (Formosa Assets)

On January 5, 2017, Brick Brewing Co. Limited (“Brick”) announced that it will be marketing its Formosa site for sale.  Deloitte Corporate Finance Inc. (“Deloitte”) is advising Brick regarding the Formosa sale.

The business includes:

  • Formosa Springs Brewery Plant located at 1120 Bruce Road 12, Formosa, Ontario (the “Plant”). The Plant is approximately 40,000 square feet and the total property size is approximately 10 acres. There are two water wells on the property.
  • Formosa Springs, Red Baron, Red Baron Lime and Red Baron Platinum brands.
  • All listings for the brands noted above.
  • Equipment and machinery located at the Plant.
  • All employees (approximately 18) that work at the Plant.

Brick would like to accord potential buyers fair and equal treatment in undertaking their investigations and submissions of Expressions of Interest (“EOI”). Brick would also like to move expeditiously to conclude the contemplated transaction. As such, Deloitte will be managing the contemplated transaction in accordance with Brick’s objectives and the following timeline:

  • Circulation of Confidential Information Summary (“CIS”) – January 2017

    The CIS will be provided to potential buyers that have requested by email and signed the non-disclosure agreement (“NDA”). Deloitte will not be accepting any changes to the NDA. Requests for NDAs and signed NDAs can be sent to the following email address:
  • Submission of Expressions of Interest – February 7th, 2017

    Potential buyers will be asked to submit an EOI by no later than February 7th, 2017 and details of the submission requirements will be provided in an instruction letter.
    Brick anticipates selecting a small number of potential buyers from the EOIs received to participate in a process involving plant tours, comprehensive due diligence and management meetings in order to submit Letters of Intent. No plant tours will be provided prior to EOI submissions.

Interested parties are expressly prohibited from making direct contact with Brick Brewing including management, employees, suppliers, or customers in connection with the opportunity to acquire the Formosa assets. All inquiries, Expressions of Interest or offers should be sent to Deloitte at the following email address:

Due to the high volume of interest, telephone inquiries will not be acknowledged.