Building the foundation for cities to thrive after COVID-19

Phase 3: Thrive

Government, business, family— all aspects of life have been impacted in some way by COVID-19. To help our clients, stakeholders, and the market at large navigate this shifting landscape, we’ve set out a framework for action that aligns with three phases: respond, recover, and thrive.

Using this overarching context, we have produced a three-part series of reports to assist municipal leaders through this crisis, position them to overcome the challenges, and prepare them for the future.

We’re pleased to launch the final report in this series: Building the foundation for cities to thrive after COVID-19, where we propose key questions municipal leaders need to answer for their municipalities to prosper in the eventual post pandemic world:

  • What changes to urban lifestyles will dictate the next normal and what do cities need to plan for to thrive?
  • Is the current suite of funding and service delivery responsibilities for Canadian cities still viable in a post-COVID Canada?
  • Are traditional municipal revenue drivers still sustainable given the current, and new responsibilities of post-pandemic cities?

In response to these key questions, the report also outlines some potential new revenue tool options and other policies that could alleviate budget shortfalls.

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