COVID-19: The road to recovery for municipalities

Phase 2: Recover

Business, governments, families and individuals have all been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. To help all clients, stakeholders, and the market at large navigate the impact, we’ve set out a framework for action that aligns to three phases: respond, recover, and thrive. With this overarching context, our aim is to assist urban municipal leaders through this crisis with a three-part series of reports, aligned to the three phases, to position them to overcome the challenges and prepare for the future.

The second report in this series—COVID-19: The road to recovery for municipalities—offers context, guidance and advice to municipal leaders as they lead the transition into rebuilding.

Contained in the report is an in-depth analysis of the five interrelated pillars that all leaders should consider as they navigate the future of reopening and start looking towards longer-term recovery:

  • Lead local economic recovery to drive provincial and national economies.
  • Establish smart health communities.
  • Incorporate resilience into recovery planning and execution.
  • Reimagine the relationship with people through digitization and data.
  • Enable a secure and inclusive recovery.

Cities recovering from the devastating impacts of COVID-19 will need a coordinated, people-centred approach to recovery. Building a resilient, stable, and strong future for thriving cities starts now. Learn how each of these pillars can help municipalities emerge stronger, improve service levels, and manage critical resources.

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