It’s time for a workplace intervention

Commercial real estate and office space

Change is coming to the office. Unfortunately, people are so habituated to thinking of the office as their “place of work” that they don’t realize the paradigm shift has already begun.

Technology is a key driver. Wireless connectivity, portable hardware, and networking software allow people to work, play, and communicate from anywhere at any time. This means that while many workers may still have a designated office space to call their own, they are increasingly seeing work entirely as something they do, rather than where they do it.

Beyond technology, hard costs and physical assets also play a role. In most business districts, for instance, only 40 percent of office seats are used on a daily basis, leaving companies to pay top dollar for underutilized real estate. And costs continue their upward climb. Transporting workers to their downtown offices also has additional effects, such as traffic congestion costing in excess of $3 billion a year, on top of the costs of infrastructure.

Deloitte believes the way today’s employees work and how companies use their office space represents the next opportunity productivity and profitability improvement.

To put it plainly: the workplace needs a real estate intervention.

Here’s where to start.

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