Electrified fleets


Electrified fleets

Vehicular fleet electrification is here. Let Electrified get you there. 

Reaching Canada’s target for net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050 demands a significant effort by the key players: governments and businesses. They’ll need significant help with the myriad of complex activities required to effect such meaningful and lasting change—like transitioning fleets of vehicles from ones powered by fossil fuels to ones that run on clean energy, like electricity or hydrogen. 

We’ve developed a tech asset and alliance-enabled service that can help them with the end-to-end electrification of vehicular fleets, from planning to implementation to ongoing monitoring. Called Electrified, our service offering creates a blueprint for organizations to electrify their fleets by way of a dashboard that visualizes the economic impact, alternate fleet modalities, and GHG abatement options. The data comes from the company’s operations, the telematics already in its fleet, and proprietary benchmarking datasets. 

Purolator setting a precedent for the entire industry

We are thrilled to be collaborating with Purolator for a greener future. As part of this journey, Purolator aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 42% by 2030, primarily through the decarbonization of its fleets. This transition will not only meet its emissions reduction targets but also help redefine the future of logistics. Purolator’s ambition extends to transitioning 3,500 vehicles to an electric fleet, setting a precedent for the entire industry. This collaboration reflects our shared commitment to sustainability and driving impactful change as industry leaders.

If we want to stay on track to achieve Canada’s 2050 net-zero emissions ambition, the global market share of electric passenger vehicles and freight trucks needs to increase from 2%, where it is now, to 30% by 2030.

The Electrified solution 

Electrified offers end-to-end services to help organizations on their journey to electrify their fleets of vehicles. The process begins with baseline calculations of current GHG emissions and operating costs then provides detailed recommendations and an action plan. The solution employs proprietary data from both Deloitte and the client organization to visualize the sustainability and economic impact of the available options. 

Key unique features

  • Provides an easy-to-understand dashboard that’s vehicle-specific
  • Identifies practical changes that can be implemented swiftly (quick wins)
  • Estimates potential savings
  • Quantifies the impact of the organization’s GHG reduction over time



  • DIAGNOSE: Frame the objective, get a fleet baseline, deploy telematics, develop smart charging strategy, and more.
  • IMPLEMENT: Plan infrastructure and assess vendors, purchase electric vehicles, install EV chargers, support change management, transition fleet and more
  • OPERATE: Monitor fleet, pilot next-generation technology, produce ROI scorecards, and more.

Leading the transition to electric vehicles

To realize this ambition for clients across Canada, we needed a little help from our friends with more specialized know-how. Deloitte has therefore made alliances with numerous market-leading organizations, including Geotab, Google, SAP, and Salesforce, who also share our sense of sustainability.


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