HealthInteractive HIE

An end-to-end health information exchange solution that delivers cutting-edge interoperability

From biomedical data to patient information, the amount of health care data doubles every 12-14 months.All of this data must be secure but accessible, private but practical, and must be sent to and from diagnosticians, doctors, hospitals, and governments quickly with no loss of information. It’s no small task. When you’re dealing with health care information, one missed connection could mean someone’s life.

That’s why Deloitte has dedicated itself to refining and distilling its health information exchange (HIE) solution over the past 20 years. We’ve helped the largest commercial and public-sector health organizations around the world develop and operate their HIE platform so that it works quickly, effectively, and efficiently.

Introducing HealthInteractive HIE: pre-built, cloud-based Health Information Exchange (HIE) solution. It’s already up and running, connecting more than 30,000 providers with high-speed processing of up to 700 transactions per second. Our paint-by-the-numbers service design already factors in 85 percent of commonly identified clinical requirements, cutting the time for it to become operational from months to mere weeks.

HealthInteractive HIE provides participating organizations with end-to-end oversight, including self-service onboarding, discrete data access, practical alerts, and timely notifications. We aim to provide quality patient data when and where it is needed and to deliver administrative tools to ease the burden of overwhelming operational challenges.

Get operational in a fraction of the time

It typically takes a lot of time and capital to get an HIE system up and running. Through our decades of experience with health care ecosystems on almost every continent, we have learned precisely which clinical workflows are necessary for a fast, efficient, and secure HIE. Instead of rediscovering these needs each time, we’ve streamlined the process, baking these necessities into HealthInteractive HIE right from the start. This dramatically reduces the amount of time spent getting operational. We’ve seen implementations that used to take years come together in a few short months.

Studies have shown that up to 62 percent of the time spent getting operational with a clinical service is taken up by coordinating with vendors and onboarding participants.1 HealthInteractive HIE comes pre-built with self-service integration for all parties, which guides them through a streamlined onboarding process in significantly less time than other HIE solutions. This fill-in-the-blanks approach ensures that participants can interact smoothly, with fewer of the barriers to the process that routinely delay implementation.

Transparent and secure

The more organizations are involved, the more health care data information there is. It’s frequently stored in different locations, with its own security and related costs. This can cause many problems in compatibility and operationality, especially as the volume of data increases exponentially. HealthInteractive HIE is a cloud-based solution that provides an appropriate level of security for all partners involved. It also provides each participant with a unique window, a discrete and customizable view of the data. This ensures that the right information gets to the right people at the right time.

Our platform also focuses on providing a high level of transparency across interactions so that the typical burdens of operations management—such as resolving issues between partners, overseeing processes in the pipeline, or coordinating activities across a vast and ever-changing ecosystem—can be handled with one system, faster and with ease. Troubleshooting is more manageable, as participants are able to drill down from high-level views of the entire system to individual workflows and messages.

More than mere technology

Combined, our team has more than 100 years of experience in the health care integration industry. It has implemented HIE solutions to include more than 30,000 providers and serve populations of up to 20 million people across four continents.

We are actively involved at every level of the health care system, from legislation and regulation through organizational and clinical design, standards and practices, and from privacy and security to the technical implementation of health systems in dozens of countries and jurisdictions.

1Feinleib D. Big Data Bootcamp. Springer; 2014. The Big Data Landscape; pp. 15-34.

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David Belof

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