Tax Jobs

Are you passionate about numbers because you know the real-world impact they can have?

As tax professionals, we lay the foundations for our clients' business decisions by helping them navigate ever more complex tax environments. We ensure that our clients are well placed to address any future changes to tax regulations and support companies in making the transformations required to be ready for the future – by helping them manage their increasingly global workforce, for example.

Our tax specialists' professional knowledge of tax laws, regulations and policies means that our clients can plan ahead, mitigate risk, and generate tangible business value. Combined with their firm grasp of relevant technologies, our tax experts offer a fully integrated tax function, combining insight and innovation from multiple disciplines with business and industry knowledge. In a world shaped by globalisation, many companies are also increasingly confronted with complex labour law, private client, and High Network Individuals (HNWI) issues. This is where our Global Employer Services (GES) come in: The tax and social security law support of international employee assignments is their area of expertise. They are the ones who make it possible for companies to hire a global workforce and send employees around the world.

Priority open positions:

Much more than “crunching numbers”

While some may see tax accountancy as a tedious job, dealing with a flood of regulation and forms to file, we see tax work as an opportunity for innovation and creativity. We don't hide behind the numbers – we use them to get closer to our clients. We confidently take responsibility for providing insights that companies rely on to make strategic decisions. But a job in tax offers much more than “just” numbers: Our tax experts deal with reports and policies on a daily basis. They easily understand and interpret complex regulations, always find the right words to write rulings and reports and can present complex issues in a simplified manner.

Find an area that excites you

At Deloitte, the career path for tax specialists is wide open. A job in our tax teams offers you the opportunity to grow every day, together with your clients. As a Tax Consultant in our Global Employer Services, you help our clients successfully manage local and global workforce challenges. You provide tax and social security advisory and compliance services to international companies, manage (global) engagements and develop global policies and processes to help your clients increase their employee mobility. As part of our Corporate Tax team, be it in International Tax or M&A Tax, or as a specialist in – for example – transfer pricing or VAT, you support clients with reorganizations, preparing tax rulings, due diligence and tax structuring. You will also be working in tax compliance, where it’s all about review, revision, and disputes – for example, preparing and reviewing tax returns, invoices and assessments, disputing tax decisions and dealing with private client and HNWI services.

Navigate complex regulations and identify risks

In an increasingly complex global world of rules and regulations, our tax experts' job is to keep a clear view. They know the ins and outs of the law and translate them for their clients in such a way that they can assess risks, optimise solutions and avoid mistakes. Tax experts ensure that their clients’ past, present and future tax issues are compliant with current regulations and optimised for the company. Therefore, they are intermediaries between authorities and clients, negotiating the best possible outcome in line with the law.

“There is always time to have fun with my colleagues outside of work.”

Loris Lipp, Assistant Manager, Corporate Tax

A job as unique and multi-faceted as your personality

At Deloitte, we encourage everyone to be themselves. We want you. The true you, with your specific strengths, perspectives, personality and your unique skills. Nevertheless, we appreciate you:

  • Having a background in tax/accounting, law or economics
  • Focusing on the details as much as on strategy
  • Showing a high degree of integrity, independence and sense of responsibility
  • Being curious, adaptable, and a good communicator
  • Having excellent team spirit
  • Engaging with different stakeholders each day
  • Using Deloitte's state-of-the-art methodologies and tools to develop your skills continuously

In 2020, Deloitte was awarded the title "Swiss Tax Firm of the Year" for the eighth year in a row. This is no small feat. It's testimony to where your talent can get you in a tax role at Deloitte. So, go ahead, join our team of 300+ tax professionals all over Switzerland.

Working at Deloitte offers several benefits such as flexible working arrangements or health and parental support programmes. Learn more.

Get to know our Tax Specialists:

When joining the firm few years ago, I looked forward to vast opportunities for professional growth and development – and was not disappointed. Working in the field of tax advice for High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) often involves complex tax planning, coordination across different service lines and a certain feeling for the client’s needs. Over the last few years, I was able to acquire a rewarding level of expertise with the help of knowledgeable colleagues and by attending various internal and external conferences and workshops. Working with HNWI further involves developing long-term relationships with clients, which is personally fulfilling.

Lars Wöhr

Senior Consultant, Tax High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI)

Working as a tax consultant at Deloitte I encounter endless learning opportunities. The diverse clients and projects I work on and the constant evolution of tax laws make my job exciting and challenging. Most importantly, the flat hierarchy, the great team spirit and sense of camaraderie among my colleagues make coming to work a joy. We have each other’s backs and have a good laugh, which creates a positive and fun work environment.

Furthermore, the flexibility offered by Deloitte allows me to balance my work and personal life which is essential for me to perform at my best. The understanding of my private situation and the efforts made by the company to accommodate my part-time work schedule make me feel valued and appreciated. These perks all contribute to a fulfilling work experience for me.

Anna Boehringer

Senior Consultant, GES Swiss Tax

The combination of an interesting topic and great people were my ignition to start my career in Business Tax at Deloitte – and the reason I’m still here. I can develop my knowledge about tax and day to day business. I am always taken seriously and appreciated for what I do. The feeling of being an important component for a successful business and a progressive working environment is what drives me to put a lot of effort into my work.

Oliver Humbel

Consultant, Business Tax

I believe that with my daily work I make a real impact for our clients by helping them in their daily tax business to comply with the legal requirements and by supporting them with complex questions and projects. Every day is different from the one before and the variety of interesting projects, topics and clients makes my job exciting. For me it is also important that I can share my passion with others and always support my colleagues whenever necessary. I think what makes working at Deloitte different is the people you work with – working at Deloitte means working with great colleagues who support each other.

Deborah Taranto

Manager, Tax & Legal

Through assisting corporate clients with Swiss tax matters and offering holistic tax solutions to private clients, me and my team are assisting different Swiss authorities in maintaining a competitive environment and support economic growth. I appreciate the hands-on working atmosphere at Deloitte and the flat hierarchy, which allows me to contribute ideas and opinions early on in my career. The team may push you to your limit by letting you face challenges but they’re always there to help. This enables me to grow into new roles and improve my social and leadership skills as well as to excel in previously unfamiliar areas of tax law. And: There is always time to have fun with my colleagues outside of work.

Loris Lipp

Assistant Manager, Corporate Tax