The Deloitte Global Employer Services storybook

Ask the people who work for Deloitte Global Employer Services with various member firms to describe themselves, and they will say that they are passionate about their work, driven to innovate, and love to travel. Here’s your chance to get to know how they are playing to their strengths and sense of adventure at Deloitte Global Employer Services.

Life at Deloitte Tax Analytics: Sara Javadzadeh's story

A cross-cultural journey is how Sara Javadzadeh describes her career. She has studied in the US, interned at Deloitte Netherlands and is now a manager on Deloitte Belgium’s Global Mobility Compensation team. Training, team projects, conferences, and client meetings have Sara traveling across Deloitte's global network. That has given her a firsthand look at how Deloitte makes a positive impact on the people and places where it does business and reinforces her commitment to do the right thing. 

Sara Javadzadeh

Life at Deloitte Global Employer Services: Heather Rangel

Curiosity and an entrepreneurial spirit drive Heather Rangel. Throughout her career in Global Employer Services, she's been fascinated with digital-native companies and their path to disrupt everything. She's now Global Lead Client Service Partner for one of the most forward-thinking and fastest-growing companies in social media. Her secrets to success? Knowing her client better than anyone at Deloitte and leaders who gave her the space to think outside the box and made it clear she was the future.

Heather Rangel

Life at Deloitte Global Employer Services: Lenka Mullerova

Lenka Mullerova joined Deloitte Czech Republic right out of university. Her goal was to "do what she loves," which is providing tax and immigration services for professionals working internationally, and that has taken her beyond the Czech Republic to Belgium, Australia, and the UK. For Lenka, a consulting career in Deloitte Global Employer Services is her dream job. With every move, she has learned more about tax, immigration, about the world, helped others, and made friends.

Lenka Mullerova

Life at Deloitte Global Employer Services: Andrea Au's story

Andrea Au is an adventurer, driven to be at the center of innovation. That led her to leave Australia, travel across South America, and join the Deloitte UK Global Employer Services team in London. She and her team created a market-leading service office; then she was off to Deloitte Australia to launch another business. Andrea's secrets to success? The trust, support, freedom, and opportunities given to her by Deloitte partners, and she'll add that's why she's building her career here.

Andrea Au

Life at Deloitte Global Employer Services: Anna Chapman's story

Follow your passion is Anna Chapman's motto. Doing that led her to two crossroads. The first was to make partner where she was working or join Deloitte UK and help to build the Global Employer Services (GES) High Net Worth practice. The second crossroads was make partner at Deloitte UK or move to New York to launch a GES High Net Worth practice. She picked up her family, followed her passion, and made partner doing what she loves.

Anna Chapman
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