Inside magazine – Digitisation and integration of new technologies


Inside Magazine – Digitisation and integration of new technologies

It is with great pleasure that we introduce the nineteenth edition of Deloitte Inside magazine dedicated to Chief Information Officers (CIOs). As in previous years, we will present different technology hot-topics that are revolutionising the financial market and changing the way businesses operate, whilst providing you with the tools needed to keep up with advancements and be prepared to face today’s challenges.

In a world where the financial landscape is constantly evolving, companies must strive to achieve a competitive advantage, obtaining a better and stable position within the marketplace. The best way for companies to achieve a competitive advantage and overcome challenges generated from sources such as digital transformation, increasing regulatory pressures, and the ever-morphing corporate and consumer focus, is through innovation. These demanding factors will also come from emerging and maturing technologies, as it is expected that technology will disturb the sequence of the value chain and in turn combine value chains in a more complicated manner.

In order to support CIOs in navigating through these challenges and provide decision makers with an international vision, Inside is proud of unveiling its second EMEA FS Technology edition in partnership with the Deloitte network and external contributors. We hope this edition will help CIOs and equip them with the knowledge and insight to not only be able to face upcoming changes, but also to lead and initiate them.

This latest edition is also an opportunity for us to announce that change is in the air for our next publication of Inside. As we aim to continuously improve our readers’ experience, we are delighted to announce a transformation on the horizon with the release of the twentieth edition. Keep your eyes peeled, Inside is regenerating!

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