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We understand well the specifics of individual industries – our RPA team has successfully delivered projects in the financial services, telco and utility sectors:

  • Automation of selected OTC / PTP accounting processes for a major Dutch oil & gas company – our client requested a major process transformation, requesting RPA automation of 112 FTEs. Within initial 8 months of the project 20 FTEs were successfully automated with the remaining 83 FTEs to follow. RPA has also enabled significant optimisation in client's operations that had to be designed at the beginning of the project. AA technology has been used.
  • Automation of mortgage loan rate refixing and charges for a Slovak retail bank – our client planned to outsource local back office work to a regional service centre without increasing staffing. Our team helped to create a tailor-made RPA strategy and an IT security model for the bank with a vision of a total 200 FTE reduction. Blue Prism technology was used.
  • RPA automation concept for a major Czech telco operator - addressing core products such as service cancellations and repeals. We helped to launch RPA in client operations to create a basis for the planned 20% cost reduction over 12 months and to enable efficiency improvements. Our work comprised build-up of a CoE, initial processes development, client team mentoring and training in RPA and delivery into production using RPAaaS. Blue Prism technology was used. 
  • Automation of selected new sales and claims processes for a Danish car insurer – our client had several processes with substantial processing backlogs and was keen to resolve the challenge without hiring new staff. 8 core processes were successfully automated using RPA, eliminating the backlog and saving 5 FTEs. Blue Prism technology was used. 
  • RPA automation of client identity validation for a large Irish retail bank – our client had to validate client identities of about 2 M accounts whereby the initial cost was estimated to EUR 8 M. Our team prepared a PoC demonstrating that using RPA would save almost EUR 7 M and substantially shorten the time needed to get the work done. We have also delivered the process and project design and performed an assessment of client's RPA team. Blue Prism technology was used.
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